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Benbulben Crossjump rescheduled for Sunday 9 September

Ground conditions have necessitated a change in date for the Benbulben Crossjump. At least it’s still on the calendar, now on Sunday 9 September.

Benbulben crossjump schedule, Sunday 26 August

Benbulben Riding Club make their annual attempt to run a cross jump on Sunday 26 August at Kean and Louise O’Hara’s beautiful venue at Annaghmore, Collooney, County Sligo. The event has fallen prey to the weather several times in past years but our members have enjoyed themselves at the competition on each occasion that it has gone ahead.

As usual, it’s a combined riding club and pony club schedule so it’s a great opportunity for families to compete at a single event (albeit not against each other so there’s no danger of us old folks getting our asses whooped by the young upstarts!).

Benbulben Riding Club Crossjump 2012

Key Gaeltacht dates now set in stone

The Donegal Gaeltachts had a club meeting last night and have firmed up a number of dates that will be of great interest to our members:

Monday 9 April (Easter Monday) — Rideout in Falcarragh
Open to everyone, adults and kids of all ages and abilities. It will start at Manus Kelly’s (near the beach) as one group and split soon after. The lead-rein/non-canter group will loop back around Falcarragh and will have the opportunity to do another section after a break. The other group will head for the hills and the old railway lines. There will be a BBQ afterwards and an opportunity to go to the beach. Exact details will follow soon.

Sunday 13 May — Beach Show
To include show jumping, dressage and showing.

Sunday 1 July — Inter-club Cross-Jump in Falcarragh

Plenty of autumn activity to look forward to as curtains close on summer

What summer? Has there ever been a greater sense of anti-climax than what we’re feeling in these dying days of a season that never was? Children are returning to school and the grass in the fields is growing even more slowly than it has done for the past three or four months. Most of us are feeling cheated. Don’t despair. September has plenty of highlights to brighten your horizon.

Hunter Trial & Dressage at Lenamore
This weekend sees the fourth renewal of our annual show at Lenamore. We’re running it as a hunter trial and dressage this year in a change from the traditional cross jump. Contact Marina on 086 821 6335 if you’re able to help either setting up on Saturday (from 2pm) or with Sunday duties. As usual, we’d prefer if those who aren’t competing could help at the event itself so that our riding members can focus on the competition. Our newer members, who might not have been that involved in running events to date, should contact Marina and get involved. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow club members and learn more about how the riding club works. And it can be great fun!

Millers Hill Weekend Away
We have a great contingent signed up for Millers Hill with 16 definites and 2 probables on the books to date. Remember that you need to pay Libby in full by this Sunday, 4 September (she’ll be at Lenamore so you can catch her there — otherwise post a cheque). If something arises and you aren’t able to make the weekend, you will get a refund. We’ll be enjoying the cross country course, trying our hand at carriage driving and polocrosse, and most importantly, enjoying the great hospitality that the McCrum family offers us each year.

If you’d like to go but haven’t booked yet, it’s not too late. There may be a limit to the number of horses that can be offered livery but there’s no limit to the number of 2-legged guests that can be accommodated.

Benbulben RC Crossjump
Our neighbours in Sligo are running their very popular crossjump at Kean and Louise O’Hara’s Annaghmore Estate outside Collooney in Sligo on Sunday 18 September. It’s a beautiful course with a lovely natural water feature and a dry ditch as well as plenty of challenging but fair fly jumps. In past years the pony club have run an identical event alongside the riding club competition making it a great day for families.

Friday evening jumping lessons
The last three Fridays in September (16/23/30) see us return to tuition for a series of jumping lessons. Erica is at present making arrangements for both instructor and venue and will confirm details as quickly as she can. You don’t need to be an accomplished show jumper to participate — novices who want to begin with poles on the ground will be very welcome.

So, no need to be depressed as you see the evenings closing in and watch the little horrors trudging along with their schoolbags. The best is yet to come!

Great day at Annaghmore

Kean and Louise O’Hara’s Annaghmore Estate south of Sligo was the venue for Benbulben Riding Club’s cross jump on Sunday. Thick grassy cover on the rolling fields, lovely jumps, a great natural water obstacle and a challenging sunken road all made for a great cross country experience.

Tanya and Mick competed at Advanced Primary level and both (almost) went clear! Mick was stunned to see an E beside his name on the results sheet but quickly put 2 and 2 together, realising that he had missed Fence No.15 on the home straight. Tanya went clear all the way but realised herself that she had taken the wrong route through the final five show jumps. Although the judge called her clear, Tanya very sportingly confessed her error and was duly eliminated.

Erica and Annie competed in the Intermediate class. Neither finished in the placings but Annie had a brilliant win in the Pony Club Under 21 class immediately afterwards. Liz and Mike Cuffe’s daughters, Joanne and Claire, managed 3rd and 5th in the Pony Club classes so plenty of ribbons made their way back to our club territory.

It’s a wonderful venue and luckily we’ll get another chance to visit it. All going well, the Benbulbens will run a hunter trial at Annaghmore on Sunday 3 October.

Pictured below: Letterkenny members Mick, Tanya, Annie and Erica in action in Sligo. More photos in the Gallery.

Active weekend ahead

24 riders have booked in for what’s shaping up to be a marathon session this Friday evening with Jackie McPherson. From 6 to 10 pm, Martina has scheduled 4 lessons to accommodate everybody who booked in punctually this week. Who ever said flatwork was boring?

Jackie has set two AIRC tests, 4 and 17, for our dressage competition (to be judged by Mary Devine) two weeks from now on 10 September. Primary and Advanced Primary riders will work on No.4 while Intermediates and Advanced Intermediates will ride No.17. Martina will have copies for everybody this evening or you can download them from the AIRC website if you’re too impatient to wait.

On Sunday, several members will compete at the Benbulben Riding Club’s cross jump on the Annaghmore estate just south of Sligo. It’s a lovely course and the event will make an enjoyable day out even on two legs. Best of luck to everybody who’s riding.

Correct contact details for entering Benbulben Crossjump

Leah McNulty from Benbulben Riding Club has realised that the contact number for information and entries published on the schedule is wrong! Remember that she needs your entries by Wednesday. Pay on the day.

To enter, send your name, grade, club, AIRC number and your horse’s name to 087 133 1040.

Hunting celebration in Ballymacad country

The Ballymacads, one of the country’s most venerable old hunts, is running a hunting extravaganza in Westmeath on Sunday 12 September.

The highlight will be the Best Hunting Horse Competition, sectioned Lightweight, Middleweight and Small Horse with a very generous prizefund of €1000 per section. The horses will be judged on conformation, ability and suitability to the job at hand. Horses will be required to jump a course of hunt type fences including a blind bank, electric tape and gate. Judges to include international showjumper Alexander Butler, well known horse producer and breeder Norman Allen, Rory Gilsenan, accomplished producer of top class working hunters in the UK, and Huntsman Kevin Donohue who is the fourth generation Donohue to hunt the Ballymacad Hounds. These judges will ride horses selected in the top placings of their respective classes.

The supporting card includes a hunt chase, a cross jump, and a whole lot more.

Ballymacad Hunting Extravaganza Schedule · Download

Benbulben RC Cross Jump, Sunday 29 August

Benbulben Riding Club are running a cross jump competition at the Annaghmore Estate, a few miles south of Collooney, on Sunday 29 August. It’s run in conjunction with Sligo Hunt Pony Club so it’s a great opportunity for riding club and pony club members to compete at the same venue on the same day. When it last took place in 2008, it was a great success.

You need to pre-enter by Wednesday 23 August but you can pay on the day.

Benbulben RC Cross Jump Schedule 2010 · Download
What’s a cross jump? See our
competition glossary.

Pictured below: Nadine and Libby preparing for the pairs class on Molly & Molly; Mary Gallagher, Orla, Molly, Harvey and the picnic basket, Benbulben RC Cross Jump, 2008.

Crossjump & Dressage 2010 – another successful event under the club’s belt

It drizzled a lot but it was warm and there were no downpours – good weather by recent standards for our annual crossjump and dressage on Sunday. Attendance was on a par with 2010 despite the absence of many familiar Gaeltacht faces who had either indulged too deeply at a wedding the previous evening or were attending annual graveyard masses. The Tirconaills were well represented, Benbulben sent several members and, for the first time, we welcomed a Castle Leslie member, Lucinda Houston. Paul Hughes was present for the Tonabrockey RC in Roscommon, providing his indispensible walkie talkies as he has each year to date.

Our own Martina Boyle took first place at Primary level in both the dressage and showjumping. Also for Letterkenny, Leo took first place in the Advanced Primary crossjump on his daughter Geraldine’s horse, Cool. He also took third in the AP dressage – the class was won by Anne Chambers on Molly. Tirconaill’s Ruth Stack took the top spot in the Intermediate crossjump, followed home by Nadine on Molly. Bruce Vial had a bloodless victory in the AI Crossjump while Ruth Stack beat him in the Green Horse class on the pale green Badger.

Lucinda Houston won the Intermediate dressage on Elsie while Nadine won the Advanced Intermediate class on Molly.

It was a most enjoyable day. Reversing the direction of the cross country course was a great idea on Marina’s part and created new interest. Seamus’s show jumping course was excellent, riding nicely but providing a very definite challenge.

Thanks to each and every person who helped on the day or in the run up to the event, but most particularly to Marina and Keary who steered the ship over the last couple of months and made everything work on the day. Thanks also to Geraldine Graham who wasn’t present at the event but again made us most welcome at Lenamore.

Unfortunately none of the usual club cameras were in action on the day but Magda from Benbulben RC has sent us through some wonderful images which you can see in the Gallery.

LRC Crossjump+Dressage Results 2010

Pictured below: Charlie Vial and Ruth Stack of the Tirconaills warming up; Erin Fergus of the Benbulbens in action.