The Club

Established in January 2006, Letterkenny Riding Club has matured successfully with a membership of 31 so far this year. The club tries to meet weekly, often on Friday evenings. Activities include instruction in flatwork and jumping, pleasure ride-outs, demonstrations and competitions. The work of organising club events is shared amongst members. Our calendar of activities for each three-month period is agreed at quarterly meetings open to all members.

Along with Donegal Gaeltacht, Tir Conaill and Inishowen Riding clubs we jointly run a show jumping league in the autumn and spring and a 2 phase league (dressage and x country) in the summer and autumn.

Association of Irish Riding Clubs

The Association of Irish Riding Clubs (AIRC), to which we are affiliated, was formed in 1973. Since then, the Association has grown to over 130 clubs and over 3000 members nationally and is truly representative of the amateur side of our sport. The AIRC’s mission is “encouraging riding as a sport and recreation, promoting good fellowship among riders and improving and maintaining the standard of riding and horsemastership in Ireland”.

The AIRC hold championships annually for individual and team show jumping, dressage, hunter trials and horse trials as well as the Riding Club Festival. Outside of competition the AIRC organise training events for riders, stewards, officials and course builders. A syllabus of riding and horsemanship exams has been developed which members can choose to take up.

Club Structure

Letterkenny Riding Club is a non-hierarchical organisation where every member is encouraged to actively contribute and initiate events and activities. On a formal level, the club has a committee comprising the usual suspects. These include:

Chairman Marina Hamilton
Treasurer Maura McNicholl
Secretary Hazel Mahoney

Vice-Chairman Paddy Gallagher
Asst. Treasurer Libby Carton
Asst. Secretary Hazel Mahoney
Joint Show Secretary Nadine Gallagher, Hazel Mahoney

Chief Safety Officer and Coordinator Cormac McCormack
Asst. Safety Officers Keary Smith, Anne Chambers, Cyril Higgins, Jenny Coe, Francis McNicholl

Club Grading Officer Francis McNicholl

Child Welfare Officer Rachel Carton

Events Coordinators

Training Day Marina Hamilton

Northwest League 2017/18: Cormac McCormack,
Team Challenge 2017/18 :
Summer Derby 2017/18 : Show jumping Marina Hamilton Dressage Hazel Mahoney

Team Show Jumping Coordinators Francis McNicholl, Leo Porter

PRO Louise Edwards, Libby Carton
Website Rachel Carton
Facebook Louise Edwards Hazel Mahoney

Club Promotional Gear Coordinator Jenny Coe