Showjumping: the competitive riding of horses one at a time over a set course of obstacles in which the winner is judged according to ability and speed.

Showjumping is probably the most familiar of the equestrian disciplines for most people. Requiring accuracy, feel for pace and an ability to ride technical courses it provides a challenge that appeals to many riders. As the action all occurs within an arena, be it grass, all-weather or indoor, it is an easier event to organise than cross-country jumping, allowing numerous opportunities to school and compete. Needless to say the secret to successful showjumping lies in doing plenty of flatwork to improve a horses rideability…neglect your schooling at your peril!

As with all AIRC events members compete within their grade, ensuring that riders are not over-faced and competitiveness is ensured. Classes at local and regional shows frequently start at small cross-poles and progress up to 1.20m for the truly adventurous. Showjumping leagues run by the North Western sub-region allow riders to jump at any height up to their grade, making these leagues the perfect training ground for young horses and riders wishing to build confidence. As with any competition there are guidelines regarding permitted tack and dress. You’ll find the current guidelines at the following link