Flatwork lessons with Mary Finneran, Fridays 23+30 May and 6 June

Hazel is kindly organising a series of flatwork lessons with Mary Finneran at Glenleary, kicking off this Friday evening and continuing for three weeks. It’s a great opportunity to tweak riding techniques and sharpen up for the coming series of dressage competitions. Contact Hazel on 087 746 6431 if you’d like to participate. Pictured below: DenisContinue reading “Flatwork lessons with Mary Finneran, Fridays 23+30 May and 6 June”

Flatwork and cross country opportunities for St Patrick’s weekend

Last Friday’s flatwork lesson with Mary Finneran proved a great success once again. There’s a quiet concentration and a focus on detail which lends the classes a particular atmosphere and the sense of achievement at the end of the evening is palpable. If numbers suffice at this bank holiday weekend, we’ll proceed with our nextContinue reading “Flatwork and cross country opportunities for St Patrick’s weekend”

Focus on details on Friday evening at Glenleary

It was a cold night at Glenleary for the first of Mary’s Friday evening flatwork lessons. Louise, Christopher and Vicky were put through their paces in the first lesson while Nadine, Tanya, Vera and Libby came in for scrutiny in the second. An innocent little bit of warming up gave Mary all the information sheContinue reading “Focus on details on Friday evening at Glenleary”

Flatwork lessons start this Friday at Glenleary

Members have the opportunity over the next several Fridays to brush up on their flatwork skills under the eye of Mary Finneran. There are few instructors who are better able to identify and isolate one or two critical details to a specific horse and rider partnership. Mary doesn’t bombard her pupils with advice — she pinpointsContinue reading “Flatwork lessons start this Friday at Glenleary”

Flatwork skills with mini-competition, Friday 21 February *updated again*

Orla is organising an intriguing-sounding evening this Friday, 21 February. The “flatwork skills with mini-competition” kicks off at 7.30pm at Cyril’s in Milford. Our Friday night focus is switching to flatwork for a while and Vera is organising sessions from next Friday with Mary Finneran at Glenleary. Orla has kindly stepped into the breach forContinue reading “Flatwork skills with mini-competition, Friday 21 February *updated again*”

Connecting horse and rider at Glenleary

Friday evening’s session at Glenleary was conducted in Mediterranean conditions but both riders and horses put in maximum effort to make best use of Mary’s tuition time. Tanya in particular really enjoyed this series of lessons. She put it very well when she said that, whatever it is about Mary, she can get rider and horseContinue reading “Connecting horse and rider at Glenleary”

Flatwork lessons focus on fundamentals

Mary Devine’s flatwork lessons would be of great benefit to any rider, not just those thinking of forthcoming dressage tests. On Friday night her focus was on the horses’ way of going, concentrating specifically on encouraging them to flex and bend and use their bodies fully. She emphasised the importance of building up their muscleContinue reading “Flatwork lessons focus on fundamentals”

Non-stop riding club activity for coming months

Last week’s club meeting painted a very rich picture of competitive and non-competitive activity for members — most of it on our doorstep. It’s difficult to find space for our regular Friday activities in a calendar over-flowing with shows and events. In summery, this is what we have to look forward to: National Hunter Trials,Continue reading “Non-stop riding club activity for coming months”