2022 riding club festival to blow the socks off all previous outings

The past number of months have been incredibly frustrating for us all as we have not been allowed to continue with our equestrian pursuits due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic. We must remember that the virus was rampant in our communities last December when these current restrictions were introduced but thankfully the numbers affected haveContinue reading “2022 riding club festival to blow the socks off all previous outings”

Gentle reminder

Remember that if you need to register a new mount with the AIRC the service is currently free of charge. However a fee of E25 will come into effect on the first of April and remain in place until the Monday after the Riding Clubs Festival, which is on the 12th and 13th of JuneContinue reading “Gentle reminder”

Enjoy your Showing?

Whilst showing is definitely not to everyone’s taste it is a form of competition that is very broad in it’s remit and offers opportunities to almost every make and shape of horse and handler. In the second of their young horse training series Horse Sport Ireland talk to showing aficionado Brian Murphy about his scheduleContinue reading “Enjoy your Showing?”

What’s your motivation?

People ride for many reasons—it’s fun, it’s good exercise, it builds mastery and confidence, it offers time with human and horse friends. Usually, these incentives are enough to foster improvement. But all of us tire of drilling a particular skill.We know we should post without stirrups for 15 minutes, but, aww… maybe tomorrow? Motivation comesContinue reading “What’s your motivation?”