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Wonderful day out in Creeslough

Not for the first time we have Liz Potter to thank for some great photos of club members in action cross country. The Donegal Harriers Creeslough meet is a firm favourite on the hunting calendar and visitors are welcomed at the event. With Gaeltacht members Rosaleen Harkin and John McDaid amongst the key players in organising this fantastic day out,  riding club participation was healthy.

Regular hunt members Keary, Anne, Leo and Rachel were joined by visitors Marina and Libby for a wonderful day out over marvelous natural obstacles through stunning scenery. And the weather for once was vastly better than the atrocious forecast had predicted!

Pictured below: Keary’s face says it all!

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Warm-up opportunity as hunting season beckons

How time flies! Hunting season kicks off in the not-too-distant future and this Saturday, 6 October, presents a great opportunity to have a good cross-country warm-up at Robert Smith’s Ballylennon farm.

The event is open to all — you don’t have to be a member of the Donegal Harriers. Called a “warm-up hunt”, it will be similar in format to a Go-As-You-Please, and there will be prizes for the best-turned-out riders on the day.

Contact Marina on 086 821 6335 for further information.

Guilty of a sin called envy

Who couldn’t be envious of the magnificent day the Donegal Harriers enjoyed at Creeslough last weekend? Check out the photos on the Donegal Gaeltacht website. Great to see Keary out schooling Ozzie for Sharon — hopefully this means Sharon will be back out with us soon and will have him spot on for Flowerhill in April!

Hunting season kicks off at Raphoe, Saturday 5 November

It looks like the Donegal Harriers are going to be blessed with absolutely perfect weather for their first hunt of the season. There’s bound to be an enormous turn-out and the parade of the field as they set off around the town’s diamond is quite a spectacle.

Several of our members will be out for the day. Cormac is riding one of his real favourites, Charlotte, while Rachel is taking Lotto out for her very first sight of the hunting field. She’ll be kept in check by her daughter Emma on her equally novice hunter, Prophet. Leo is bound to be out with Grace and Keary will surely pop up on his chestnut, Arthur.

If you feel like going along to watch the action, the usual meet time is 12 noon to move off at 12.30.

Much anticipated images of Creeslough hunt

Rosaleen Harkin of the Gaeltachts has kindly sent us on some photos of Leo and Keary enjoying the Donegal Harriers’ glorious day at Creeslough recently. You can read her great account of the action on the Donegal Gaeltacht’s site:  Creeslough Hunt 19 March 2011

A full collection of Clive Wasson’s images of  can be enjoyed on line: Donegal Harriers Creeslough Meet | Clive Wasson

Pictured below: Keary and Leo trying really hard to concentrate on their jumping and not get distracted by the fantastic scenery at Creeslough.

Interesting job opportunity in Australia

We hear of plenty of Irish heading for Australia. Did you ever think that you could pursue your professional hunting career in that distant spot? Here’s a job vacancy notice which has come in via one of our moles in the Ballymacads:

Hunt Whip in Australia
We are currently seeking a keen hunter to help with hounds and horses for our season here in South Australia which begins in mid April and runs through to September. There is an opportunity to whip in twice weekly in vast country with a pack of 25 couple of hounds. We provide all board and keep and they have a cottage to share with one other. We also provide a car and a wage of approx 200 pounds per week. They must be competent riders who have an affinity with hounds and a good sense of humour and work ethic.  I would very much appreciate if you could advertise somewhere on your website or put the word out with appropriate sources. Our website is

So, if you’re interested, just contact Andrew H Gray, P.O Box 335, WOODSIDE  SA  5244; Ph: 08 8388 6084, Mob: 0407 603 630

Good luck! (And if you don’t believe that there are serious jobs for hunt servants outside the British Isles, chat to Patricia Warren of the Gaeltachts whose sister is a long-time whipper-in in America!)

Sunshine blazes for Gortin meet

Any of our members heading out for today’s midweek meet of the Donegal Harriers at Gortin should be in for a treat. The weather has come good right at the last moment and the territory couldn’t be better. The estate at Gortin belongs to Lucinda Blakiston Houston, chairman of the Strule Valley Riding Club. She attended our crossjump last summer and reciprocated with the invitation to the team show jumping challenge at Ecclesville in November.

Pictured below: Rachel and Spitfire (Annatelle) at the Donegal Harriers meet at Gortin, 2010. Spitfire was only carrying a fraction of the estate on her face!

Hunting action for club members

Trusty Emerald Guitars have uploaded some great shots of the hunt at Ballylennon on 3 January. Start with this great action shot of Leo and new member Geraldine and you’ll find plenty more well known faces:

Donegal Harriers Meet, Ballylennon

Donegal Harriers juggle to make up lost meets

With so many meets lost to the weather from late November onwards, the Donegal Harriers are scrambling to fit in all the fixtures that usually fill the calendar. They squeaked in a meet last Sunday and enjoyed Robert Smyth’s ground in Ballylennon on a rare fully-thawed weekend. This past Sunday’s rescheduled meet at Dunmore (Carrigans) was a victim of the latest mini ice age but has been rapidly rescheduled for the second time and will now take place this Wednesday. Our hunting members are looking forward to the outing.

Mick finally makes it

Great to see that Mick finally got his 2010 hunting season off the mark at Falcarragh on Sunday after other obligations forced him to miss the first two meets. Don’t he and Angel look the part! There are probably other members to be spotted in Emerald Guitar’s Flickr collection:

Donegal Harriers meet at Falcarragh