Get In!! Lots of opportunities to get out and about.

The very best of luck to our members taking part in the Gordon’s Bay Equestrian cross-jump this Sunday. May the sun be with you.

Anyone thinking of entering the next 2-phase at Cloncaw Equestrian, Glaslough, will be glad to hear entries are now open. Check out their Plainsailing entries page at the following link.

If you don’t feel like travelling quite so far afield there is our own regional training day coming up on August 9th at Gordon’s Bay Equestrian. Following the usual format which allows you to enjoy two lessons if you wish, this day is exceptionally good value. Find all the details on the flyer and remember there’s nothing to stop you having two lessons in one discipline if you don’t feel like mixing things up on the day. One lesson €20, two lessons €30.


Also on the 9th of August, making for a most unfortunate clash, is the Border Counties one day event at Cloncaw Equestrian. Find details on the attached flyer, and remember events are booking out quickly this year so don’t hang about.



Weather Gods smile on the faithful

With the amount of rain that has fallen in the last 48 hours, combined with frequent thunder and lightening, the possibility of our first post-covid-lockdown outing being cancelled was very real. The decision to take the plunge and go ahead with the event was shown to be a very good one as nine riders and a few spectators enjoyed bright sunshine for the entire session. Patricia Warren was very understanding of the somewhat dubious fitness levels of both horses and riders, giving everyone frequent breaks and ensuring no one got left behind. A few specks of rain as horses were being dismounted quickly turned to a deluge, but there was ample space in the sheds to allow a badly needed cuppa and some not so badly needed, but very enjoyable, treats. It was a wonderful chance to meet up face to face at long last and allowed for a club meeting to iron out some dates as well as giving people the chance to get the horses back out in company without the pressure or excitement of a show atmosphere.

I’ll post the dates of our upcoming calendar once we run them by HQ and can be sure they’re OK.

Many thanks to Hazel for getting some photos and videos of the days entertainment. I’ve posted these on the Gallery page.

The ball is rolling

Hooray and yipee. Our first post-covid-lockdown gathering is planned! With Erica and Francis booked onto a covid-compliance-officer course, and Marina having recently taken the course under her pony club banner, we are well on the way to full steam ahead. As you all know we are limited to instructor led activities at the moment so a rideout and barbeque will have to wait a little while.

As a gentle reintroduction to club life we’ve opted to go with a drill-riding session (like a musical ride) under the watchful eye and guiding voice of Trish Warren. Anyone who remembers the drill-riding sessions we did under Valerie Craig’s tutelage will vouch for how much fun this can be. Not only is it fun it also encourages rhythm and accuracy in flatwork, gets riders looking up and around them, introduces horses to working in close proximity to other horses, involves lots of turns and transitions and lends itself perfectly to a group of riders of mixed ability and confidence. You’ll be so busy concentrating on not letting down your side of the formation that you’ll be riding from leg to hand, and keeping your horse between the aids, without even realising! It’s safe to say a cup of tea will be needed by the time you’re done.

As always it will be impossible to suit everyone with regard to date and time but hopefully we’ll get a reasonable sprinkling. The venue is Harley’s arena in Rathdonnell, the date is Saturday 27th June and the time is 11am. Details regarding booking in, directions and covid-compliance will be circulated to everyone a little closer to the time.

Just to tease you all…

Bring your horse on holiday to The Munny Trail and Old Forge Glamping. We have 4 beautiful yurt tents which sleep up to 4 people in each plus a gorgeous, cosy log cabin which sleeps up to 5 people in each. All have full bedding and linen and a heated stove. You can ride out around the 14km loop or the 5km loop with optional jumps en route. There is a fabulous pub just 2 minutes hack from our Red Trail loop in case you get thirsty on your horse half way around. Then come back to the campsite and put your horses in their lovely granite stables or out in one of our walled garden paddocks and bbq yourselves some nice dinner followed by a campfire and some smores. We have a heated kitchen area with an oven, hob, microwave, kettle, fridge and toaster in case the weather isn’t good so you never have to worry. We are situated between Shillelagh and Tullow in the Wicklow hills surrounded by beautiful views. We really look forward to hearing from you. Call Belinda on 0876486253 for details or email

Gordon’s Bay give us an outing to look forward to


Following yesterday’s announcement by An Taoiseach we are now able to allocate a date for our Cross Jump Competition. The show will run on Sunday 5 July in line with Phase 3 when all travel restrictions are due to be lifted.

This will be a contactless show and social distancing (2 metres)will still need to be adhered to by all in attendance.

All Entries will be online with pre pay via an entry form and PayPal there will be NO ENTRIES DESK on the day.

To minimise contact we will also be missing the refreshments/snacks stall and prize giving will be contactless.

We have given approximate times on the Schedule below for each class to run however, once entries are closed on Friday 3 July we will be able to give more definite times so you can plan your arrival time.

The car park has been extended to allow greater distance between parked vehicles and there will be two grass warm up arenas in operation on the day as we try to minimise contact.

The competition will be held entirely on grass with a course of 14 jumps (7 showjumps and 7 cross country fences). As always Body protector and jockey skull cap are compulsory for all riders.

Entries Close on Friday 3 July 9:00pm, entry will not be complete until payment is received.

Schedule PDF |Cross Jump Schedule

Online Entry Form | Cross Jump Entry Form

Link for Payment | PayPal Gordon’s Bay

Sat-nav needed for the coming weeks as Roadmap is released

Like most of you I have been drifting along on a sea of uncertainty for the past few weeks, unsure if we would be able to get up-and-going at all this year. While we still have to take every day as it comes regarding current guidelines and recommendations it does look like there is light at the end of the tunnel. So I’m officially launching my Flowerhill preparations today, with 3 months to get both myself and the steed back into some semblance of fitness and training…one mustn’t rush these things!

The return of official AIRC activities will take place over a phased basis involving 4 steps, which are due to begin on June 8th, in line with the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business.  This approach will allow us all time to assess how we can operate under these new protocols to ensure we create a safe environment for our members, volunteers, and officials.

Activities, however, may resume sooner if the Government lifts the travel restrictions ahead of its published plan.

These measures and protocols are under constant review and will be updated as advice from the government, health authorities and governing bodies evolve in line with the gradual lifting of restrictions.

HQ has published a guide to help clubs and their members tread the road to active club-life. It is available at the following link and is well worth the read, especially pages 8 to 13.

AIRC Pathway for the Resumption of Activities 2020 0518

So what does this mean for us as a club? Well, the first hurdle we have to get over is the fact that we do not have a club base, or venue, where we regularly meet. This has been both a strength and a weakness for us over the years. It ensured we brought club activities to different geographical areas, thereby spreading the necessity to travel a little more evenly over the members and also meant that we did not stagnate in one spot and get stuck doing just one type of activity. Unfortunately it does make it a little more awkward to implement the necessary protocols for resumption of club activities.

Our second issue is of course the distances which we must all travel in order to attend any event. Even with the permitted range of travel extended to 20km a lot of us wouldn’t be able to get to a central point…Letterkenny is 24km from our yard, much the same from Marina’s and a generous 40km from Erica’s. Whilst many of us have already been well over the permitted distances with our horses it will have been to attend a farrier or vet, both considered essential journeys for those with livestock to take care of. Whether it is acceptable to exceed the permitted travel restriction in order to attend a social or sporting event is questionable and as a club we certainly cant be seen to encourage it. Realistically this means that for the time being we are looking at Monday 20th July as being the date from which we can resume activities as this is currently the date when travel restrictions are to be lifted completely and Tier 2 of AIRC activities are permitted. Obviously this is dependent on government actions and guidelines.

In the meantime we can get our club geared up in the admin department, ensuring we have a Covid Officer in place, a system for taking pre-payments and a supply of the necessary PPE ready for all eventualities. As a start to getting back out into the world I have commissioned Gemma Carroll to update our club logo, enabling us to set the wheels in motion for getting new club gear. As soon as Gemma has some prototypes done up I will get everyone’s input and opinions. Till then stay safe, stay healthy and keep horsing around.




Congratulations to Marina…winner of the first Letterkenny Riding Club competition of 2020. Commiserations to Enda and Jade, who probably supplied all the answers!! As you can see in the video (if it uploads) Katie was an independent adjudicator to make sure everything was above board. Marina can now choose one of the three prize bundles put together by Suzanne.

Our next bit of entertainment will involve multiple choice questions and simplex clues!!

I hate autocorrect!

Ok guys, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for the Easter Challenge crossword entries. Let’s say Thursday 16th.
The clue for 31 down should read
HSI precursor
Not his precursor. Sorry. Feckin autocorrect sneaked in on me!
If you’ve already sent me your crossword just text/message me with your updated answer for 31 down.

Age before beauty

This truly is a young head on old shoulders. One of our youngest members on what must be our oldest member. Jade and Teldel touring the farm on the old lads 30th birthday. Great to see, and a credit to Marina for keeping him (and Jade!) In such good order.received_208545227149816

Competition time

In the midst of the strange times we are living through I thought we could all do with a little entertainment to keep us occupied while we sit tight and keep safe at home. So how about a little competition and a chance to pick a prize of your choice if you’re the lucky winner? The Letterkenny Riding Club Easter Challenge 2020 is a crossword with a largely equestrian theme (no surprise there, I hear you say) and enough clues to keep everyone entertained for at least ten minutes. The crossword can be downloaded from the attached PDFs. If you are a traditionalist and prefer a hard copy or, like me, you don’t have a printer in your cocoon, I can also post you out a copy. If you would like me to do that just contact me on 086 1617087 with your name and address.

Fill in the crossword and post it back to me for Friday 10th April. Current members of the Letterkenny Riding Club will be allowed one free entry. Non members, or current members who wish to stack the odds in their favour by submitting more than one entry to the draw (!!), will be charged E5.00 per entry. Please enclose payment with the entries. I’d love to tell you we can accept online payment but I’m afraid we’re not quite there yet.

All correct entries will be placed in a draw and the winning entry will be drawn on Saturday 11th April 2020. The draw will be videoed and uploaded onto the Letterkenny Riding Club Facebook page. The lucky winner will have the choice of one of the following prize packages.

  1. A super cooler. Size 6’6″
  2. A set of 4 fleece bandages and 4 fibregee pads
  3. A bottle of ShowSheen and two haynets

The prize will be posted or delivered according to current restrictions. Be sure to include a name and contact number with your entry!

Letterkenny Riding Club Easter Challenge 2020

LRC Easter Challenge 2020 Across

LRC Easter Challenge Down 2021