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We welcome new members from all walks of life. Membership falls into three basic categories; riding, non-riding and secondary. A secondary membership is available to people who are already registered members of another AIRC club

Familiarise yourself with the few key points outlined here and then follow the link to our payments page on Itsplainsailing. There are separate forms for new members and membership renewals so just check that you fill in the correct one. The Letterkenny Riding Club Child Safeguarding Statement is available to read here

The Basics

Rallies and events

Activities include instruction in flatwork and jumping, pleasure ride-outs, demonstrations, etc. In January, February and March we try to meet indoors and in the summer we ride outdoors, at a number of different venues. The organisation of rallies and events is undertaken by different members and we spread the workload as much as possible. We run a number of competitions each year, both stand-alone shows and leagues organised in conjunction with our neighboring clubs in the North West region.


The AIRC operates a system which grades members according to their ability, experience, confidence and ambition. We will discuss your grading with you before submitting your application to HQ. Your grade will be determined by three factors: your own expectations and ambitions; your and your horse’s safety; and a sense of sportsmanship. You may upgrade as your experience and ambition grows. You may also downgrade, although this is a considerably more difficult procedure. The AIRC grading and competition structure underwent a complete review and overhaul at the end of 2021 and now offers members a much greater spread of competitive opportunities.

The grade names now reflect, in the case of showjumping or cross-country, the height at which you are graded to jump, whilst in dressage they indicate the level of test you will be asked to do, such as Preliminary, Novice, Elementary or Medium. Under the new competition system a member will be permitted to compete at one level higher than their grade, meaning a rider graded RC100 in showjumping may also compete in a 1.10m class. They will also be able to compete at a lower height if show organisers decide to run ‘open’ classes at the different grades. The new system allows members much greater freedom to bring on a novice horse or to dip their toes into the higher levels before actually upgrading. It also prevents members from having to compete against higher graded riders, thereby upholding the ethos of the AIRC to standardise competitions throughout the country with the object of placing as many riders as possible on as equal a footing as possible. If you have any questions with regard to grading you will find our grading officer Francis McNicholl on 086-3722542.

Your horse

The welfare of the horse is a primary consideration for the club. Under AIRC rules, horses under four years of age are not eligible to compete but may participate in rallies. Horses must be five years old before competing in any form of cross-country event. Both horses and ponies may participate in club activities. However, in AIRC competitions, your mount must be 143cm or over (or 148cm or above for cross country events). Your horse will need a passport and will also need to be registered on the AIRC database before you can take part in any competitions.

Getting the ball rolling

Annual membership currently costs E100 for a new member, €85 for a 2021 riding member renewal (this includes a 15% reduction from head office) and €40 for non-riders. You must be 17 years of age to join the club. Students and OAPs joining for the year receive a 25% discount, whether they be new members or 2021 members renewing. Novices and experienced riders are equally welcome. Please feel free to contact the club secretary, Erica Robb on 086  4413744 , with any further questions. We also urge you to visit where you will find comprehensive information about the organisation. Above all, however, we hope you will think of the AIRC vision “Enjoying Equestrianism”. This is the real objective of the Letterkenny Riding Club. We hope you’ll decide to join us.

Secondary members can enter and take part in all mounted and unmounted training and social activities of the club but when it comes to competitions they must compete for their primary club. Taking out secondary membership of a neighboring club is a great way to get out and meet new people and can greatly increase your training and social opportunities. Secondary members are not involved in the administration and organisation of a club. If you wish to join us as a secondary member just talk to your own club secretary to get the ball rolling.