Opportunity to register older horses with known breeding

One of the topics which arose during Friday evening’s showing clinic was Horse Sport Ireland’s current initiative enabling owners to register the breeding of their older horses for a comparatively affordable sum. Basically, if you know the breeding of your horse but didn’t have the means of proving it and therefore only have a whiteContinue reading “Opportunity to register older horses with known breeding”

Stallion parade at Cavan Equestrian Centre, Saturday 9 April

Cavan Equestrian Centre’s annual National Stallion Parade takes place this Saturday, 9 April. This year it’s on for the day rather than just an evening and has trade stalls and an army equitation display. Erica went to the event last year and found it very good. It should be even better this year and willContinue reading “Stallion parade at Cavan Equestrian Centre, Saturday 9 April”

Teagasc young breeders programme 2011

Teagasc and Horse Sport Ireland have announced upcoming training days for Young Breeders throughout February, March and April. These training days are part of the National Young Breeders Competition 2011 programme. Anyone aged between 14 and 25 years that has an interest in horses is welcome to attend the training sessions which will include the evaluationContinue reading “Teagasc young breeders programme 2011”

Teagasc demonstration evenings for mare owners

Teagasc have announced details of dates and venues for upcoming demonstration evenings organised to inform mare owners on the format of this autumn’s mare inspections, what’s involved and how best to prepare. Sligo is our closest venue. These demo’s will be of interest to anyone with an interest in conformation assessment, loose movement and looseContinue reading “Teagasc demonstration evenings for mare owners”

Your horse’s family tree and photo album

Some of us know the breeding of our horses and some of us don’t. Either way, anybody who has the slightest interest in breeding will find the All Breed Pedigree website pretty fascinating: allbreedpedigree.com The online database contains a vast bank of pedigree details. If you know your horse’s breeding, search for its parents. Marina’sContinue reading “Your horse’s family tree and photo album”