Registering your horse with HQ

Remember, if you plan to enter any of the AIRC’s national competitions this year, you need to register your horse on the AIRC’s database. It’s very easy to do. Just download the registration form below and send it together with a copy of your horse’s marking sheet to AIRC, 1st Floor, Beech House, Millennium Park, Osberstown, Naas, Co. Kildare. Alternatively you can scan the passport and send it by email instead to NB If your horse’s name is handwritten on the marking sheet, you need to send the naming sheet from the front of the book as well.

AIRC Horse Registration Form · Download

What’s the purpose of the database?

Very little record has been kept of the performance of horses in amateur equestrian activity. The emphasis is all on the professional side of the sport. By keeping a database, the AIRC is recording valuable information which is very important to the equine industry.