The science of riding

An equine scientist observing the colourful collection of horses and riders at our flatwork lesson with Jackie on Friday evening would probably have had difficulty deducing any strong theories about the optimum mechanics of the relationship between horse and rider. Unbeknownst to most of us, it seems that Jackie* has been involved in some fairlyContinue reading “The science of riding”

ISPCA reminds owners of summer welfare issues

The ISPCA is urging all horse owners to pay particular attention to the worming and farriery needs of their horses as the grazing season begins. As reported on the AIRC website, the ISPCA claims that many people are neither worming their horses nor looking after their teeth or their basic foot care. In addition, givenContinue reading “ISPCA reminds owners of summer welfare issues”

Competition time: Getting your tack right

The subject of tack is almost as extensive as the weather. We all have different inclinations. Some go the classical route while others like to try every latest invention. Whatever your taste, make sure that you have the basics correct for both you and your horse for competition. Download the tack sheets for each disciplineContinue reading “Competition time: Getting your tack right”

Your horse’s family tree and photo album

Some of us know the breeding of our horses and some of us don’t. Either way, anybody who has the slightest interest in breeding will find the All Breed Pedigree website pretty fascinating: The online database contains a vast bank of pedigree details. If you know your horse’s breeding, search for its parents. Marina’sContinue reading “Your horse’s family tree and photo album”

Keeping abreast of veterinary news

Most of us reach for our veterinary encyclopaedia when something goes wrong with our horse. This helps to cure the problem but it’s not a great deal of use in preventing the problem occurring. is an American online resource which publishes articles on all aspects of horse health and management. Some of the featuresContinue reading “Keeping abreast of veterinary news”