Club Member and Club Horse of the Year: Nominations by Friday!

Just one week to go until our AGM. Make sure that you phone, text or email Damien by Friday with your nominations (two per category) for the Club Member and Club Horse of the Year awards. Last year they went to the two Elizabeths (Lizzie and Libby) so who is it to be in inContinue reading “Club Member and Club Horse of the Year: Nominations by Friday!”

News of another type of club

Riding clubs, pony clubs, …  In today’s Irish Times there’s an interesting report about a new Horse Owners Club in Dunsink, County Dublin. The club formed as a result of Fingal County Council’s horse welfare intervention, helped by skilled input from the Irish Horse Welfare Trust. It sounds like a success. Read “Horses outside: FixingContinue reading “News of another type of club”

Raffle to raise funds for Irish Horse Welfare Trust

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust is running a raffle to raise some urgently needed funds. The prize is a place on a fabulous Riding Safari to Africa in November with a group going out for IHWT. Tickets are €20 each but are restricted to 1000. The raffle will take place on 30 September 2011. IHWTContinue reading “Raffle to raise funds for Irish Horse Welfare Trust”

Strangles survey

Eithne Mac Carthy, a fourth year veterinary medicine student in University College Dublin, is undertaking a World Horse Welfare funded investigation into the prevalence of strangles in horses and ponies in Ireland. Eithne’s project aims to measure the level of sub-clinical Strangles in populations of Irish horses (identifying possible carriers) and with this information develop an eradication plan.The test forContinue reading “Strangles survey”

Relaxed and healthy partners spotted in Letterkenny

It’s good to see that Paddy has his priorities right. Scarcely 48 hours back in the country, on Saturday he and Lizzie were spotted out shoe shopping for the new season at the Mountain Top. The pair of them are a great advertisement for taking a 3-month winter break. Seamus has kept Lizzie in primeContinue reading “Relaxed and healthy partners spotted in Letterkenny”