Strangles survey

Eithne Mac Carthy, a fourth year veterinary medicine student in University College Dublin, is undertaking a World Horse Welfare funded investigation
into the prevalence of strangles in horses and ponies in Ireland.

Eithne’s project aims to measure the level of sub-clinical Strangles in populations of Irish horses (identifying possible carriers) and with this information develop an eradication plan.The test for Strangles is a quick and simple one – a single blood sample and a short history of the animal is all that is required. A positive result means that the horse has been exposed to Strangles within a short time previously or that it is a sub-clinical carrier of the disease. Positive horses could infect other horses. The sampling procedure is completely anonymous, but if owners wish to receive results free of charge, that can be arranged.

Participation in this study would be greatly appreciated and Eithne says it will be very beneficial for the equine community as a whole in Ireland. Please contact her either by email ( or phone (087 945 8599) if you would like any further information or to take part in this study.


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