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Information evenings at Parkview Veterinary Clinic, Strabane

Parkview Veterinary Clinic in Strabane are holding two information evenings for horse owners over the coming weeks. The first takes place on Wednesday 25 January and will deal with the subject of lameness. The second, on Wednesday 22 February, covers the topic of parasites.

The talks are open to everybody and begin at 7pm. For further information contact the clinic on 048 7138 2636.

Please support the ISPCA Hay Drive

The ISPCA this week launched its Hay Drive, a seasonal fundraising initiative which allows you donate €3 to buy a bale of hay for horses in need. It’s a wonderful idea and a very, very worthwhile cause. You can make your donation by texting the word ‘hay’ to 57802.

Read more on the ISPCA website and see how donating through the Better Together website can help achieve even greater goals.

News of another type of club

Riding clubs, pony clubs, …  In today’s Irish Times there’s an interesting report about a new Horse Owners Club in Dunsink, County Dublin. The club formed as a result of Fingal County Council’s horse welfare intervention, helped by skilled input from the Irish Horse Welfare Trust. It sounds like a success.

Read “Horses outside: Fixing the pony problem” in the Irish Times.

Unmissable: Inside Nature’s Giants

Many of you have already watched Channel 4’s programme on the anatomy and bio-mechanics of the racehorse. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can still catch it on the Channel 4 iPlayer. It’s part of the “Inside Nature’s Giants” series.

More products to try and test

Ireland’s Horse & Pony magazine (which you can now read on line) is sending more products for club members to test drive. This time they come from Blue Chip. Orla is looking for five guinea pigs to test a bottle of Joint RLF and two to test one of the their balancer feeds, Blue Chip Original.

For information on the products visit the Blue Chip website’s product pages:
Joint RLF and Blue Chip Original. If you’d like to be a guinea pig (or rather, if your horse would like to be a guinea pig!), contact Orla on 087 643 2458.

Strangles survey

Eithne Mac Carthy, a fourth year veterinary medicine student in University College Dublin, is undertaking a World Horse Welfare funded investigation
into the prevalence of strangles in horses and ponies in Ireland.

Eithne’s project aims to measure the level of sub-clinical Strangles in populations of Irish horses (identifying possible carriers) and with this information develop an eradication plan.The test for Strangles is a quick and simple one – a single blood sample and a short history of the animal is all that is required. A positive result means that the horse has been exposed to Strangles within a short time previously or that it is a sub-clinical carrier of the disease. Positive horses could infect other horses. The sampling procedure is completely anonymous, but if owners wish to receive results free of charge, that can be arranged.

Participation in this study would be greatly appreciated and Eithne says it will be very beneficial for the equine community as a whole in Ireland. Please contact her either by email ( or phone (087 945 8599) if you would like any further information or to take part in this study.

New product for ‘Tried & Tested’ arrives

Last autumn Damien did the leg work on the first product we received for the Ireland’s Horse & Pony Magazine feature “Tried & Tested”. That time it was an all-purpose Bucas Shamrock cooler which arrived in Millie-size. He was very impressed and gave it a high rating on his feedback sheet.

Now we’ve received two containers of Horse First’s “Keep Me Sound“, an all-in-one supplement which the manufacturers say will aid joints, muscles, hooves, skin and digestion. It’s intended for all ages of horse but will show the quickest results with middle-aged or older animals. So, we’re looking for two candidates to test the product. If you’re interested in trying the supplement and reporting on your experience, get in touch with Orla or Libby.

Find out more about the manufacturer on the Horse First website.