Hectic weekend in a nutshell

This weekend must surely be a record for club activities with action on four consecutive days concluding this evening with our AGM in Tír na Og. Valerie taught two lessons on Friday evening at Templemore. The first was a sedate affair with four earnest pupils on well behaved mounts. The second was a cavalry chargeContinue reading “Hectic weekend in a nutshell”

Hunting celebration in Ballymacad country

The Ballymacads, one of the country’s most venerable old hunts, is running a hunting extravaganza in Westmeath on Sunday 12 September. The highlight will be the Best Hunting Horse Competition, sectioned Lightweight, Middleweight and Small Horse with a very generous prizefund of €1000 per section. The horses will be judged on conformation, ability and suitabilityContinue reading “Hunting celebration in Ballymacad country”