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Working Hunter opportunities in Omagh

Anne Chambers recently had a very successful day at Arvalee Riding Club’s Working Hunter show in Omagh. She and Molly qualified for the Northern Ireland finals at Cavan. Congratulations!

The league continues after Christmas with an event on Sunday 29 December. It then continues on Saturdays in the new year. Ponies are in the morning and horse classes commence from 2.30pm starting with the 55cms newcomers.

Saturday 29 December
Sunday 27 January
Sunday 24 February (NIFW)
Sunday 31 March (NIFQ) (LEAGUE FINAL)

Arvalee Riding Club would like to remind everyone that £2 from every entry goes into the prize fund for the final, and there is still time to qualify.  Competitors must compete in the same class on 3 out of 5 occasions to be eligible.

For further details please contact Chris on +44 7709 199 474 or Sonya on +44 7874 350 665.

Opportunities for hunters without the hunt

The increasingly popular show hunter division of our sport will be active over the coming weeks. On Sunday 26 February Greenacres EC in Convoy host their annual Winter Hunter Show, a qualifying event for the Northern Ireland Festival in Cavan. The programme includes both working hunter and show hunter classes. Full details on their Greenacres Winter Hunter Show schedule.

A week later on Saturday 3 March, The North West Working Hunter Association are holding another of their league shows at Eglinton. For full details, check the NWWHA website.

Working hunter activity with the Tirconaills

Working hunter classes will soon be vying with actual hunting for popularity, albeit amongst a somewhat different crowd. The ongoing NWWHA league in Coleraine switches venue to Eglinton after Christmas which is good news for anybody from our area who wants to give it a shot.

And it’s great to see that our neighbours in Tirconaill Riding Club are hosting a working hunter and showing demonstration with highly-acclaimed coach and showing expert, Toni Donnelly. (Many of you will remember that Erica organised a very successful working hunter day with Toni at Cyril’s last year.)

The event will be held in Deane’s Equestrian Centre in Bruckless on Wednesday, 7 December at 7.30pm. Toni will finish the evening with  a Q&A session.  Admission is €10 adults, €5 child/student. If you are interested please text/call Brenda on 087 631 7425 so that adequate seating can be arranged.

There will also be a Working Hunter Show in Deane’s EC on Sunday 11 December.

Friday evening practice makes for perfection on Sunday

A small band of six members turned up at Templemore on Friday evening and enjoyed a great session of clear round jumping and socialising. Leo, Liz, Vera, Cormac, Karen and Laura made the most of their time using both the indoor and outdoor arenas. Leo and Cool put in a speedy round at 70cm before Leo dashed off to honour his civilian obligations. Liz, Karen and Cormac coached each other around the course at increasing heights while Vera and Karen burned off some equine energy outdoors on their own. Karen then tackled the course in fine style on Jack while Cormac popped a nicely warmed-up Tia around the jumps.

Strictly speaking puissance is a word that we’re not allowed use at riding club events but surely Cormac, who finished the evening with a meter round on Charlotte, is entitled to puissance-style honours for his efforts?

Height isn’t everything and whatever work Laura did with Jessie paid off in spades on Sunday. Congratulations to the pair on winning their class at the Working Hunter Show in Omagh. Very well done!

Pictured below: Laura on Jessie beautifully turned out for their victorious appearance at Sunday’s Omagh Working Hunter Show.

Working Hunter in Omagh RDA, Sunday 16 October

‎Omagh Riding for Disabled Centre is holding a working hunter show on Sunday 16 October. Classes to suit everyone including those wishing to qualify for the Northern Ireland Festival 2012. Classes will commence at 10am with a cross pole competition, followed then by a cradle stakes qualifier, and will then move up the heights. Further details on the schedule can be found on the NI Festival website.

Hectic weekend in a nutshell

This weekend must surely be a record for club activities with action on four consecutive days concluding this evening with our AGM in Tír na Og.

Valerie taught two lessons on Friday evening at Templemore. The first was a sedate affair with four earnest pupils on well behaved mounts. The second was a cavalry charge with nine exceedingly fresh horses ridden by a colourful bunch of riders. Valerie controlled things admirably having got off to a worried start. We probably didn’t learn as much as we might have on a properly populated lesson but it was nevertheless a lot of fun.

Erica’s working hunter clinic with Toni Donnelly was a great success at Cyril’s on Saturday with two riding club sessions followed by pony club time. Toni took riders through the jumping element of the competition before proceeding to demonstrate the showing part in great detail. Participants stripped down their horses and were shown how to properly present them to the judge.

While the hunting brigade were out in force at Herbie Lusby’s meet in Porthall on Sunday, eight members travelled to Keash Equestrian Centre in Ballymote for the final of the Western Region’s show jumping league. It was a wonderful venue and there was an excellent turn-out from all over the region. Donegal was very well represented with plenty of members from all three clubs competing. We had no big wins but Nadine’s consistency was highlighted once again when she and Molly took fifth in both the morning(!!) class and the afternoon(!!!!) final at Advanced Intermediate level. Orla had a great day finishing both 2nd and 5th on Lady and Sonny respectively in the morning class and she rode HC with great credit in the afternoon final. Armstrong and Libby were just pipped to the post in a great jump off for the morning’s 29-entry Intermediate class.

The journey home through thick fog and frosty roads was a long one but the day had been well worthwhile. Not very surprisingly, it seems as if the new policy of holding regional qualifiers and league finals at a mid-point in the region is a great success.

Clinic with Toni Donnelly at Cyril’s, Saturday 13 November

Erica has successfully arranged a clinic on Working Hunters with expert Toni Donnelly for this coming Saturday at Cyril’s arena in Milford. The session is being divided between the riding club and the pony club and there are some final spots which need to be filled. If you’re interested in participating in the clinic (or in arranging a straightforward jumping or flatwork lesson with Toni), contact Erica on 083 370 9333 as quickly as possible.

Further information on Working Hunter clinics with Toni Donnelly.

Pictured below: Toni Donnelly in competitive action.

Working hunter clinic in November

Erica is hoping to organise a working hunter clinic with Toni Donnelly, an expert from Enniskillen. The dates under consideration are the 13 and 27 November, subject to the availability of a good venue.

If you think it may be of interest, please contact Erica on 083 370 9333 as quickly as possible so that she can firm up the plans.

Working hunter season in sight

The North West Working Hunter Association (NWWHA) last year extended its reach, running working hunter shows as far north west as Derry. The response was hugely positive and several of our members competed successfully. It looks like the experiment is going to continue this season. Shows are scheduled for Sunday 21 November and Sunday 19 December in Templemore. Full details and further information is on the NWWHA website.