Hunting season

Sunday sees the beginning of the Donegal Harriers hunting season and the long wait is over for the pack’s large membership. Mick and Leo will be putting the final touches to their hunting seats in Valerie’s lesson tonight while she rolls her eyes to heaven and exclaims for the thousandth time, “How do these people stay on out hunting?”. The answer of course is “extremely well”. There’s nothing quite like the hunting field for encouraging a rider to stay in secure partnership with his horse!

Keary and Anne have joined the Harriers this year and Sharon Lee will also be out as often as she can manage it this winter. Rachel and Libby, diehard hunt veterans, are taking this season off.

For anybody who feels like going along to watch, Sunday’s meet is at Maggies Pub near St Johnston. The Donegal Harriers’ official website has been taken off line but photos inevitably appear from various sources on Flickr.

Pictured below: Libby, Mick and Leo at the Donegal Harriers meet at Maggies, November 2009.


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