New product for ‘Tried & Tested’ arrives

Last autumn Damien did the leg work on the first product we received for the Ireland’s Horse & Pony Magazine feature “Tried & Tested”. That time it was an all-purpose Bucas Shamrock cooler which arrived in Millie-size. He was very impressed and gave it a high rating on his feedback sheet.

Now we’ve received two containers of Horse First’s “Keep Me Sound“, an all-in-one supplement which the manufacturers say will aid joints, muscles, hooves, skin and digestion. It’s intended for all ages of horse but will show the quickest results with middle-aged or older animals. So, we’re looking for two candidates to test the product. If you’re interested in trying the supplement and reporting on your experience, get in touch with Orla or Libby.

Find out more about the manufacturer on the Horse First website.


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