Flatwork lessons focus on fundamentals

Mary Devine’s flatwork lessons would be of great benefit to any rider, not just those thinking of forthcoming dressage tests. On Friday night her focus was on the horses’ way of going, concentrating specifically on encouraging them to flex and bend and use their bodies fully. She emphasised the importance of building up their muscle and athletic ability gradually.

Mary described rhythm and tempo and cadence as somebody else might describe making a cup of tea — as details that should be permanently in our minds in our everyday approach to riding. Of course it’s all more easily said than done and even the simplest of shoulder-in and leg-yielding exercises prove a challenge to those who don’t school on a regular basis!

Mary’s final lesson takes place on Friday next, 26 April, and she will use it to drill her pupils a little on their team challenge tests. Book with Vera if you’re interested in joining in.

Pictured below: Hazel, Paddy and Leo performing as the Grey Ride for the first lesson on Friday evening. (They were followed by the Bay Ride with Nadine, Vera and Libby.)

Trio on Diagonal