Flatwork skills with mini-competition, Friday 21 February *updated again*

Orla is organising an intriguing-sounding evening this Friday, 21 February. The “flatwork skills with mini-competition” kicks off at 7.30pm at Cyril’s in Milford.

Our Friday night focus is switching to flatwork for a while and Vera is organising sessions from next Friday with Mary Finneran at Glenleary. Orla has kindly stepped into the breach for this week. Her current passion is Trec so she’s putting a particular twist on the flatwork session. Anybody who has ever tried it — either a Francis Special or a Donegal Trec version — knows that flatwork skills are of paramount importance to the activity. A bit like mounted games, we end up riding our horses well without realising it, so intent are we on overcoming the challenge at hand. There’s probably more good leg-yielding and perfect serpentines ridden on an obstacle course than in most of our sand arenas.

In her own words, Orla promises a “versatile trec session which combines dressage and trec skills”. Contact her on 087 643 2458, if you plan to participate.