Friday evening practice makes for perfection on Sunday

A small band of six members turned up at Templemore on Friday evening and enjoyed a great session of clear round jumping and socialising. Leo, Liz, Vera, Cormac, Karen and Laura made the most of their time using both the indoor and outdoor arenas. Leo and Cool put in a speedy round at 70cm before Leo dashed off to honour his civilian obligations. Liz, Karen and Cormac coached each other around the course at increasing heights while Vera and Karen burned off some equine energy outdoors on their own. Karen then tackled the course in fine style on Jack while Cormac popped a nicely warmed-up Tia around the jumps.

Strictly speaking puissance is a word that we’re not allowed use at riding club events but surely Cormac, who finished the evening with a meter round on Charlotte, is entitled to puissance-style honours for his efforts?

Height isn’t everything and whatever work Laura did with Jessie paid off in spades on Sunday. Congratulations to the pair on winning their class at the Working Hunter Show in Omagh. Very well done!

Pictured below: Laura on Jessie beautifully turned out for their victorious appearance at Sunday’s Omagh Working Hunter Show.