Jumping lesson with Patricia Warren, Friday 11 at Cyril’s

As the dust settles on Flowerhill after another marvelous event (of which more later), our focus switches to show jumping for a little while. This Friday evening sees the first of a few lessons that Tanya has organised with Patricia Warren. The lessons take place at Cyril’s arena in Milford. Contact Tanya on 086 100Continue reading “Jumping lesson with Patricia Warren, Friday 11 at Cyril’s”

Flatwork and cross country opportunities for St Patrick’s weekend

Last Friday’s flatwork lesson with Mary Finneran proved a great success once again. There’s a quiet concentration and a focus on detail which lends the classes a particular atmosphere and the sense of achievement at the end of the evening is palpable. If numbers suffice at this bank holiday weekend, we’ll proceed with our nextContinue reading “Flatwork and cross country opportunities for St Patrick’s weekend”

Focus on details on Friday evening at Glenleary

It was a cold night at Glenleary for the first of Mary’s Friday evening flatwork lessons. Louise, Christopher and Vicky were put through their paces in the first lesson while Nadine, Tanya, Vera and Libby came in for scrutiny in the second. An innocent little bit of warming up gave Mary all the information sheContinue reading “Focus on details on Friday evening at Glenleary”

Flatwork lessons start this Friday at Glenleary

Members have the opportunity over the next several Fridays to brush up on their flatwork skills under the eye of Mary Finneran. There are few instructors who are better able to identify and isolate one or two critical details to a specific horse and rider partnership. Mary doesn’t bombard her pupils with advice — she pinpointsContinue reading “Flatwork lessons start this Friday at Glenleary”

Numbers swell for final pre-league training session

Last Friday’s training with Kelda at Templemore stretched to two classes as numbers grew with the league approaching. It was a very sociable evening with Audrey on hand with tea and goodies and plenty of time for a chat. Ann enjoyed mixed fortunes when she rode in both lessons. Molly, her old pro, behaved likeContinue reading “Numbers swell for final pre-league training session”

Friday night lights shine on six diligent members; one more session to go

Last Friday evening saw yet another handful of cobweb-covered members descend from their winter roosts to blink with wonder around the course of jumps at Templemore. Damian, Enda, Marina and Libby joined Anne and Leo for a simple but effective school over coloured poles under Kelda’s watchful eye. This coming Friday sees the last ofContinue reading “Friday night lights shine on six diligent members; one more session to go”

Riding Club life back in the groove after a great First Friday

Six lucky members and their horses made it to Templemore last Friday night for a cracking lesson with Kelda. Several others would have joined the party had it not been for an unavoidable clash with the East Donegal Pony Club Awards night in Letterkenny. Nadine, Tanya, Leo, Cormac, Francis and Anne turned out to learnContinue reading “Riding Club life back in the groove after a great First Friday”

Friday night jumping lessons with Kelda

There’s nothing like that first foray of the new year out into the riding club limelight. We all think we’ve fallen hopelessly behind with our horses and our riding and it’s generally a pretty encouraging experience to find out that most of our fellow members are in exactly the same boat. You have a chanceContinue reading “Friday night jumping lessons with Kelda”

Catching up on club activities

With action on several different fronts over the past 10 days, it’s easy enough to move on to something new without pausing to reflect on what’s just happened. Audrey and Tanya’s bowls night in Ramelton recently was a wonderful social evening with the kind of tight competition, scarcely controlled egos and rapid-fire quips that defiedContinue reading “Catching up on club activities”