Numbers swell for final pre-league training session

Last Friday’s training with Kelda at Templemore stretched to two classes as numbers grew with the league approaching. It was a very sociable evening with Audrey on hand with tea and goodies and plenty of time for a chat.

Ann enjoyed mixed fortunes when she rode in both lessons. Molly, her old pro, behaved like a dream while Star, the young pretender, challenged her rider to her limits and earned some choice adjectives for her efforts. Doubtless she’ll put all that behind her when she steps out into the competition limelight next weekend.

Tanya was back in the pink of health and put Al through his paces. It was great to see Liz Cuffe out again too and hopefully she’ll enjoy a good competitive league. Leo is working hard and, like Ann, rode in both lessons as he seeks to retain his NW Spring League crown. Damien, Marina and Enda were putting the finishing polish on their preparation, completing a field which promises much for the forthcoming competition.

Many thanks to Cormac for organising the training evenings and for Kelda for motivating her pupils and building up the confidence again after a long winter.