Catching up on club activities

With action on several different fronts over the past 10 days, it’s easy enough to move on to something new without pausing to reflect on what’s just happened.

Audrey and Tanya’s bowls night in Ramelton recently was a wonderful social evening with the kind of tight competition, scarcely controlled egos and rapid-fire quips that defied any notion that bowls is a genteel pursuit.

Twelve players took to the lanes and Louise and Mervyn made stunning debuts while Enda’s uncle, Mícheal, showed plenty of promise. Hazel’s effort was equally notable and she grinned from ear to ear as she received her prize for most accomplished bad score. At the other end of the scale, Enda looked down cockily from his victor’s perch until, amidst the showers of congratulations, Cormac reminded him that he has to be allowed to win at something.

The Jacobs family looked after the club in fine style on their Ramelton turf and the tea and refreshments were worthy of the big gathering. A fair chunk of the party made the short journey to Conways afterwards where tales of wet weekends away were recounted beside a blazing fire.

Thanks to Audrey, Cecil, Tanya and Lee for a most enjoyable and highly competitive evening.

With the North West League just days away, Damien did his best to get some homework done by attending Kelda’s lesson on Tuesday night. Never believe what you see on a website! He frittered away his effort waiting at Templemore, only to discover that the lesson was in fact taking place at Eglinton. Sorry Damien!

Orla, who is shortly sitting her EFI coaching exams, gamely turned out in ferocious weather conditions to tutor Leo, Francis, Rachel and Libby over some coloured poles on Sunday. The lesson was a great success with simple exercises beginning with walk, trot and canter corridors setting the scene nicely for a small course of four jumps. It was just the kind of exercise that was needed to get rusty older horses (and riders!) as well as Rachel’s baby horse, Merlin, working away happily with their ears pricked.

Many thanks to Orla for organising and teaching the session. Good luck with the EFI exams!