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13 show jumping teams ride in to battle for Audrey Jacob Team Challenge

The Donegal clubs have mustered teams in numbers to challenge for the jumping silverware this coming Sunday at the Audrey Jacob Team Challenge. It’s a wonderful entry and we can look forward to a cracker of a contest.

AJTC Show Jumping Teams

Audrey Jacob Team Challenge Schedule

With just 10 days to go (and Flowerhill to enjoy) before our big team challenge day in Eglinton, here’s the schedule for the event. remember to let Vera and Francis know if you want to ride on a team. Everybody is welcome!

NW Team Challenge 2015_Schedule

Are you interested in being on a team for the Audrey Jacob Team Challenge?

The Audrey Jacob team Challenge is one of the biggest events on our riding club calendar and this year, to do justice to Audrey’s memory, we need to win some silverware for the club! We need as many members as possible to participate on teams so please let our dressage and show jumping selectors know now, if you’re planning on riding.

Please phone or text Vera on 087 232 5632, if you’re going to do the dressage. Make sure you give her your current dressage grade!

And please phone or text Francis on 086 372 2542, if you’re game for the show jumping challenge. Likewise, please confirm your current show jumping grade.

World’s shortest report on the Northwest League Final

Well done everybody on a memorable final leg of the NW Spring League. Particular congratulations to Enda on bagging the Advanced Primary title on the last day. Heartfelt commiserations to Cliff who struggled in his sickbed as his potential title floated across the club border to Inishowen. Equally heartfelt sympathy to Damien who stumbled at the last hurdle after a cracking campaign on Armstrong only to lose his grip on the red rosette in the dying moments of the league. At the end of the day we could hardly have anticipated such a democratic result with each club winning a class.

NWL Spring 2015 | Show 5 Results
NWL Spring 2015 | Final Points Table
NWL Spring 2015 | Final League Placings

Thanks to everybody who contributed in any way to making the Northwest Spring League once again a memorable inter-club highlight.

All eyes on ever-consistent Damien, Enda and Cliff as we hurtle towards the NWL final

Liz Potter’s deft management of the points table and results contribute greatly to the excitement and momentum of the Northwest League. After two more legs of the competition, admirably consistent performances from Damien, Enda and Cliff cast a very rosy tint on the club’s prospects as we count down the 14 days to the final.

For the third time in three attempts, Cliff yesterday bagged 7 points in the primary division leaving him perched at the top of the leader board. But the consistency of his competitors mean that he has to maintain that level of success to guarantee him an overall win in the league. Fingers crossed, Cliff!

In the Advanced Intermediate class, Damien’s equally consistent efforts with Armstrong leave him in a comfortable but certainly not unassailable position. With any little bit of luck at all, things are looking good, but show jumping is show jumping! Marina and Anne stand ready to defend the club’s honour should anything go awry.

At Advanced Primary level Enda has a fight on his hands as he attempts to overcome Liz Potter’s marginal advantage. This is the tightest class on the schedule and the final promises to be nail biting.

With Anne now competing in the Advanced Intermediate league, our competitive edge at Intermediate level has been considerably blunted. Rosaleen McGinley is streets ahead of the competition and looks home and hosed but there’s going to be a good scrap for the minor placings between a disparate group of contenders.

Well done everybody on your performances over the last two weeks. Here’s looking forward to the final!

NWL Spring 2015 Points | Show 4
NWL Spring 2015 Results | Show 4
NWL Spring 2015 Results | Show 3

Friday evening activities continue apace

While the Northwest League receives all the limelight at this time of year our Friday night activities continue to attract a stalwart following. Lessons at Glenleary for the last two weeks were well attended and members enjoyed tuition from two less familiar faces in Ronan McLaughlin and Daniel Lusby. There are so many ways to skin the riding cat that we will never get to the bottom of all the individual styles of teaching. Every instructor has a slightly different focus and highlights different strengths (or weaknesses, as the case may be) in each of us.

This Friday there’s no tuition but we have the opportunity to keep up to snuff on our show jumping with some clear round jumping at Eddie Gallagher’s arena in Ballybofey. Book with Anne straight away, if you plan to go along.

How things stand after Round 2 of Northwest League

Liz Potter is as quick out of the blocks as ever with her first class results service. Here’s the picture after yesterday’s second leg of the Northwest Spring League. Everything is still to play for.

Congratulations to everybody who participated, particularly the winners. Well done Hillary on a wonderful victory for Letterkenny in the Advanced Primary class. All that schooling on the hunting field is paying handsome dividends!

NWL Spring 2015 Points | Show 2
NWL Spring 2015 Results | Show 2

Tús maith, leath na hoibre: Now for Round 2 of the Northwest League

See, it’s not just the Gaeltachts that can trot out the cúpla focal. Now, having exhausted the Irish language resources of this website editor, we’ll continue in English. It’s time to build on a great start to the Northwest League and reach greater heights this coming Sunday at the second leg.

We had a marvelous day at the season-opening show with a multitude of admirable performances. With Tutu under the weather, Louise was very unlucky to miss competing but Cliff came up trumps for the club with a masterful victory on Shyla. For a mare that can try a man’s patience, she cooperated when it really mattered and the partnership gave a lovely display at Primary level having warmed up over the Welcome Stakes course.

Competition was tough at Advanced Primary level with a remarkable degree accuracy with the optimum time from several riders. It was Kirsten Rice from Tirconaill who inched closest to the elusive target to take first place, with Enda and Liz snapping at her heels in second and fourth spots respectively.

Both Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate classes produced cracking jump-offs and the level of competition in both was high. Leo rode a blinder to win the Intermediate division on ever-cool Cool while Fenway took a leaf out of his smaller club-mate’s book and jumped with gusto to land his first ever league points in third spot for Libby. Keary, in a new and imposing partnership with Millie, took fourth while new member Shauna Boyle landed in fifth. Tanya and Al delivered a textbook clear round of jumping with a single time fault to put them in sixth in a class dominated by Letterkenny.

The Advanced Intermediate class has developed into a truly competitive challenge. Gone are the days when three or four riders took polite turns at claiming top points. This time there was a four-way jump-off with Damien just missing out on making it five with an unlucky last fence pole-roll from little wonder-horse Armstrong. Marina and Jenny gave it a good go and finished in second place but it was Anne, competing for the first time ever at this level, who showed everybody how it should be done. How lovely to see how Anne has risen up the grades, putting in a lot of hard work along the way. And how rewarding for her to have bred and brought on Star to compete so successfully in the show jumping ring. A very big pat on the back to our club Secretary.

Congratulations to everybody who competed. A very big thanks to everyone for helping out on the day and for making sure the show ran smoothly under Letterkenny’s stewardship. Let’s see if we can keep up the performance this Sunday at Templemore.

NWL Spring 2015 Results | Show 1
NWL Spring 2015 Points | Show 1

Flatwork and jumping promise an active weekend

Competition season begins on Sunday with the first leg of the Northwest Spring League at Templemore. This Friday evening however introduces a new name to the club, Ronan McLaughlin. Well known as a competitive show jumper and proprietor of a riding school in Malin, Ronan will take the instructor’s seat for our flatwork lesson at Glenleary where he now operates his second base. Lisa is organising the session and the lessons begin at 7pm.

On Sunday we run the show! Cormac has put together the following rota for jobs, with two teams scheduled in each department to cover the full day while allowing everybody to compete. Helping on the day is very important but there’s no point in running the event if we don’t have members on horses participating!

Team 1 is in action during Crosspoles, Primary and Advanced Primary classes.
Team 2 cover Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate and Open.

Entries  Hazel, Anne, Maura, Marina
Safety  Team 1:  Francis  /  Team 2: Jenny
Call-up & Warm-Up Arena 
Team 1:  Christopher, Denis, Keary, Rachel
Team 2:  Suzanne Deeney, Fiona Haley, Liz
Arena Party  Team 1:  Leo, Libby  /  Team 2: Louise, Pauric
Judges Box  Team 1:  Lisa, Cormac  /  Team 2:  Enda, Patricia Warren

Another enjoyable day at Templemore for Show 2 of NWL

Despite losing a number of the usual suspects to the first hunt of the season, the Noorthwest League’s second show wasn’t short of competitors or quality performances. It was a good day for Letterkenny with the Hamilton/McClafferty contingent producing wins for the club at Advanced Primary and Advanced Intermediate level.

2014 Autumn NWL | Points Show 2
2014 Autumn NWL | Results Show 2

There’s a break now before the league continues on Sunday 9 November. The competition will be hotting up at that stage and a great day’s enjoyment is guaranteed.