It’s a wrap

At long, long last we succeeded in running our Orla O’Reilly show. After two attempts being ‘covided’ last year we jumped at the first opportunity for a date this year, and our cards came up trumps on Sunday. The weather forecast was blessedly wrong, with the predicted ‘absolute pish of a day’ giving way toContinue reading “It’s a wrap”

Dressage times

Please see below the dressage times for our Orla O’Reilly show tomorrow. A million thanks to all who have entered. We cant wait to welcome you all. Please forgive us if the scheduling turns out being completely wrong, its a long time since we had to do this! Remember to fill out the AIRC covidContinue reading “Dressage times”

Fun in the sun

Our first jumping lessons of the season took place on a balmy Friday evening at Greenacres. Sonya McAleer took us through our paces, with some gentle pole-work to warm us up and a gradual progression to the more challenging and imposing castle. The horses were in flying form, especially Paddy’s Lizzie and Cliff’s Shyla whoContinue reading “Fun in the sun”

Up, up and away

Friday saw another enjoyable evening of tutelage at Greenacres under the watchful eye of Mary Devine. The weather was really perfect and all the riders greatly enjoyed the lesson. Rachel had brought samples of sportswear with a view to placing a club order for xc shirts, and Jenny had a box of older club gearContinue reading “Up, up and away”