Flatwork and jumping promise an active weekend

Competition season begins on Sunday with the first leg of the Northwest Spring League at Templemore. This Friday evening however introduces a new name to the club, Ronan McLaughlin. Well known as a competitive show jumper and proprietor of a riding school in Malin, Ronan will take the instructor’s seat for our flatwork lesson at Glenleary where he now operates his second base. Lisa is organising the session and the lessons begin at 7pm.

On Sunday we run the show! Cormac has put together the following rota for jobs, with two teams scheduled in each department to cover the full day while allowing everybody to compete. Helping on the day is very important but there’s no point in running the event if we don’t have members on horses participating!

Team 1 is in action during Crosspoles, Primary and Advanced Primary classes.
Team 2 cover Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate and Open.

Entries  Hazel, Anne, Maura, Marina
Safety  Team 1:  Francis  /  Team 2: Jenny
Call-up & Warm-Up Arena 
Team 1:  Christopher, Denis, Keary, Rachel
Team 2:  Suzanne Deeney, Fiona Haley, Liz
Arena Party  Team 1:  Leo, Libby  /  Team 2: Louise, Pauric
Judges Box  Team 1:  Lisa, Cormac  /  Team 2:  Enda, Patricia Warren