World’s shortest report on the Northwest League Final

Well done everybody on a memorable final leg of the NW Spring League. Particular congratulations to Enda on bagging the Advanced Primary title on the last day. Heartfelt commiserations to Cliff who struggled in his sickbed as his potential title floated across the club border to Inishowen. Equally heartfelt sympathy to Damien who stumbled at the last hurdle after a cracking campaign on Armstrong only to lose his grip on the red rosette in the dying moments of the league. At the end of the day we could hardly have anticipated such a democratic result with each club winning a class.

NWL Spring 2015 | Show 5 Results
NWL Spring 2015 | Final Points Table
NWL Spring 2015 | Final League Placings

Thanks to everybody who contributed in any way to making the Northwest Spring League once again a memorable inter-club highlight.