A stalwart supporter’s report on Stradbally 2013

Audrey has penned an excellent account of her emotions and experiences as Libby and Fenway’s chef d’Equipe. In her own words…… The Morning After…….Stradbally! Oh boy! What a fabulous weekend I had. The words ‘You just needed to be there’ spring to mind as I try to express the fabulous time that I had. IContinue reading “A stalwart supporter’s report on Stradbally 2013”

Magical Carrickfinn worth the two-year wait

The weather came good when we needed it this year and 10 members enjoyed a memorable camping trip in magical Carrickfinn. Most of them are still nursing sore ribs, injured from excessive laughter on a long and lingering Saturday night by a mighty campfire. Spectacular surroundings, great weather, wonderful riding, good eating and priceless company.Continue reading “Magical Carrickfinn worth the two-year wait”