Feeding the soul

In general the two months from mid-November to mid-January are pretty much a write-off. Short days, foul weather and an ever increasing quantity of muck and gutter combine to make most of us wonder if knitting, or perhaps stamp collecting, might not have been a wiser choice of hobby. Horses are furry, ticking time-bombs that accumulate bedding bills and pent-up energy in equal quantities as we equestrians in north Donegal yearn for the plush indoor arenas that pepper the country-side further south. But every now and then the weather Gods (apologies to all devout Christians who feel that only one true God deserves a capital letter…I beg to differ) decide to throw us a bone, and a day of beautifully clean winter sunshine aligns with a day off work, allowing us to remind ourselves what a stunningly beautiful county we live in. To be able to get out and ride through this glorious county is truly a privilege for which each and every one of us should offer up thanks to our chosen deity.