The 2021 crew aboard the good ship LRC

As 2021 draws to a close we felt that it was time to remember the people who joined in the fun and camaraderie that is our club. Good times had with good people. Obviously not all the photos were taken this year…Enda and Cormac haven’t been quite so up close and personal during covid times, while Libby was so busy score keeping at our last show that she didn’t figure in any photos. Scrolling through the extensive bank of photos in the club websites gallery is a great reminder of the good fun had, as well as the value of having a photographer on hand who captures more than just the competitions. Here’s hoping we all enjoy the health to get back out together in 2022. (you wouldn’t believe how long it took to track down the photo of Shauna Gailey, who was last a member of the club in 2010!). Happy new year to everyone.