Into the home straight

With all four legs of the league behind us we can look forward now to a highly competitive final on March 18th. The stormy week and treacherous road conditions took their toll on entries at the most recent leg, with a number of regular attendees deciding that discretion was the greater part of valor and opting to stay home. The format of the league allows competitors to drop their lowest score so most of these riders wont suffer at all in the league table.

I think it’s safe to say the Donegal Gaeltachts have the primary division tied up, with He’s A Dandy earning an extra scoop of oats as he carries his army of riders around both training classes and competitive rounds.

The AP class has turned highly competitive, with Louise Edwards inching ahead of closest rivals Liz Potter and late comer Lauren McLaughlin. With double points available at the final the placings are all to play for, with a further three riders sitting on 10 points apiece.

The Intermediate class is as usual the biggest group. Nineteen riders are on the leader board going into the final, though in this division we have a very clear leader in Patrick Hunter from Tirconail. Riding his old campaigner, Euro Lady, Patrick has been a model of consistency every week as he has taken some hair raising turns in jump offs to win every leg bar one in which his closest rival Veronica Lafferty pipped him to the post. Patrick will need some very bad luck to be beaten at this stage but it aint over till the horizontally challenged lady sings so the final will be nail biting.

The AI class is very well supported this year and shows a great spread of ability across the clubs of the region. Roseleen McGinley leads the charge for the Donegal Gaeltachts but is only two points ahead of our own Dawn Hyndman, who has to keep a tight eye on Tirconails Stephen Greene as he snaps at her heels.

Donegal Gaeltacht bookends the classes by leading the Open/Advanced Open class. This class is exceptionally tight at the moment as Emily Schneider is just one point ahead of club mate Cassandra McGee and Tirconails Bruce Vial. The jump off at the final should prove to be an edge of the seat affair.

The league table can be seen here

Click to access spring-league-2018-points-table.pdf