League getting interesting as third leg looms

The second leg of our spring league was very well supported despite rotten weather. Riders made do with minimal warm up in the wind and rain swept outdoor arena before tackling the challenges posed by the Seamus McCaffry designed course. Numbers in the primary class were small as always so it wasn’t long till we got up into the 80cm and higher.

Louise Edwards proved a very capable pilot aboard a turbo charged Bob and clinched second place in the AP grade. Her long standing side kick, Hazel, was missing in action but no doubt her long distance support helped boost Louises performance. Enda McClafferty proved the benefit of actually sitting on your horse between shows when he came best of our members in the Intermediate class. Whilst Veronica Lafferty of Inishowen won the class I have to say that the most impressive round of the class was Tir Conaills Charlie Vial, who grew wings and flew around on his big grey. The highly competitive AI class saw three of our members make the placing. Cormac and Dawn have to keep an eye on the young whippersnappers crowding in now as Jade McClafferty makes her presence felt. Bruce Vial had an excellent day with a win and fifth placing in the Open class. It is great to see increasing numbers at this level, which allows these more advanced and adventurous riders enjoy some real competition.

This Sunday sees us back in action at Templemore and, as always, it’s a case of the more the merrier. Come out and enjoy the banter even if you don’t feel like a canter. See you there.