Time to rise to the challenge

With just a week to go until the Northwest Team Show Jumping & Dressage Challenge at Eglinton, it’s time to stand up and be counted! Francis and Vera have heard from many of our members who have expressed their interest in riding on teams for one or both of the challenges.

NW Team Challenge 2013 | Schedule

The trick for our Chef d’Equipes now is to ensure that everybody who wants to compete finds a home on a team. This isn’t an event where one rider will be chosen in preference to another. Everybody can be on a team! However, to achieve this we may need your help in creating a sufficient number of teams to house everyone.

Teams are made up of two novice riders and two senior riders. Our club has significantly fewer novice riders (P & AP) than senior riders (Int & Above). This means that we may need to ask some P & AP riders to compete at the Challenge, even if they weren’t otherwise planning on it. Or those who are already signed up might need to volunteer to ride on a second team on a borrowed horse. Not every horse and rider can be mixed and matched but we have a pretty good pool of resources and will be using it creatively.

If you’d like to compete, or are prepared to compete if you’re needed, contact Francis or Vera as soon as possible. If you haven’t signed up because you haven’t got a horse, or can’t transport your horse, they’ll know who has a spare slot on their trailer, who could tow your trailer, or what other club horse might suit for you to ride.

Join in! Even if you’re not riding, come along and enjoy the day. All help will be greatly appreciated and the atmosphere of diehard club rivalry will have to be experienced to be believed.