Weather forecasts likely to cause wrinkles

Damien and Nadine obviously have a gift for reading the future — how wise were they to book Eglinton for our Spring Show this coming Sunday? The weather looks far from promising but the indoor facilities at the venue will ensure that we have a great day in spite of any rain. (The dressage riders might need to bring a change of breeches but that’s a minor inconvenience.)

The picture is looking equally gloomy for our camping trip to Carrickfinn the following weekend, but there’s plenty of time for the weather systems to mutate over 12 days. The picture was similarly pessimistic 12 months ago but photos of the expedition in last year’s Gallery prove that things worked out for the best.

Keep an eye on how things develop at both locations:
AccuWeather | Derry
AccuWeather | Burtonport