An odd shower does nothing to dampen enjoyment of the weekend’s activities

A spectacular thunderous downpour at 6pm on Friday raised a question mark over the weekend’s activities but, as usual, fortune favoured the brave. Everybody who decided to carry on regardless enjoyed hours of beautiful sunshine and stunning spring light, whatever their activity of choice.

Orla designed a really enjoyable course for Friday’s clear round jumping in Milford. Using only verticals, the 7 fences were arranged to create a course of 11 obstacles, including two doubles, a couple of challenging but safe turns, a dogleg, and plenty of other interest to keep the mind focused.

It was nice to see Jack out making his 2011 riding club debut. Audrey has been putting in all the work on him in the background with daily hacking while Tanya takes over in the arena. Nadine, still nursing Molly back to health, made the most of Tommy’s absence on the evening and had a turn on Damien’s pocket hero, Armstrong. The partnership which really seemed on song was Paddy and Lizzie. Although Lizzie isn’t fully fit, she had a spring in her heels and looks ready for Paddy’s debut at Intermediate level at our Spring Show next weekend.

Thanks to Annette for organising the evening and taking some really good photos, and to Orla for building another great course.

There are no reports in yet of any of our members having attended the Dressage Ireland show at Deanes. The Cuffe lorry was spotted fueling at Moorefield on Sunday morning so perhaps Liz and the girls have discovered a new passion for the discipline?

Most of the Sunday traffic was headed either for Baronscourt or the racing at Manorcunningham. Rachel’s North West League mount, Bruce, proved that show jumping lays the ideal groundwork for the racecourse when he delivered a big win on his first outing of the season.

Meanwhile, at Baronscourt, Marina and her daughter Jade rode the 11 mile circuit with Libby, travelling through magical scenery by lakes and through bluebell-covered woodland flanked by rhododendrons and deciduous azaleas in full bloom. John and Sharon were out ahead of them and were joined for a time by six deer who had nothing better to do on their Sunday afternoon than admire the ILDRA riders.

Pictured below: Warming up for clear round jumping on Friday evening (more pictures in the Gallery); Marina and daughter Jade on Jenny and Monty amongst the bluebells on the Baronscourt Estate, on Sunday.


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