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Keeping up to speed with Health & Safety

AIRC HQ have organised a series of Health & Safety seminars to keep members up to speed on this serious topic. Each club must send representatives to at least one of the seminars. Full details are on the AIRC website where you’ll see that the closest venue to us is Sligo:

Tuesday 15 April
Best Western Sligo Southern Hotel, Sligo, Co. Sligo (7:30pm)

Quite apart from fulfilling our obligations, these events are truly informative and helpful. If you’re available to attend, you’ll find the experience worthwhile. In particular, our squad of safety officers should do their best to fit it into their calendars.

Spaces available on First Aid Course, this weekend, 14–16 June

East Donegal Pony Club has organised a first aid course for this coming weekend, Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June. Some spaces are available for non-pony club people. This is a great opportunity to learn the essentials or refresh your knowledge. You’ll never regret the time you invest in the course.

If you’d like to take part, contact Marina on 086 821 6335.

An armchair night to remember

The prospect of a talk on “safe towing and transport of horses” doesn’t exactly get the adrenalin flowing but the sober topic did nothing to deter a large troop of members from showing up for our armchair event at Tir na nOg last Friday. The original intention was to have a professional expert on hand but this proved impossible on the night. So, embodying a lot of personal experience and armed with an impressive collection of state-of-the-art information from government departments, car manufacturers, trailer makers and sundry others, Francis presented the subject himself.

Well, not quite by himself, as things turned out… The combined towing experiences of the members present meant that he had plenty of assistance from the peanut gallery. Francis had merely to touch on some particular aspect of transporting horses and the floodgates were flattened by a torrent of opinions, anecdotes and controversy. He scarcely had a chance to complete a single sentence yet he expertly orchestrated the mob and succeeded in planting all the right questions in people’s heads. The answers to these questions may not always have been immediately apparent but they were generally there at the end of the ensuing discussion.

The informative and highly entertaining talk was eventually concluded, the contributors were reined in, and everybody sat back to enjoy a few drinks and some social time without the horses. It was a great night out. Many thanks, Francis.

Learn how to safely transport your horse at another of our armchair evenings

Tonight, at another of our armchair evenings, Francis will cover the topic of safely transporting your horse. As we all know, hitching the trailer is the easy part. Loading the horse is generally not too difficult either (although some remedial work is sometimes necessary). And sure once that bit’s over we just sit back in our rightful position in the driver’s seat, forget about the horse until we arrive, and then start worrying about the parking manoeuvres. Right?

Francis will cover all phases of the operation with the insight of many years’ experience transporting animals on both an amateur and professional basis.

The talk takes place at Tir na nOg at 8pm. Everybody welcome.