Border Counties 1-Day Event, Sunday 21 July

The AIRC National Horse Trials Championships take place this year in Carlow — a highly unlikely destination for our cash-strapped members. That won’t prevent competitors travelling to the nearest qualifying event at Cloncaw Equestrian Centre in Monaghan. Over the years the Border Counties ODE has proved a most enjoyable competition over a great cross countryContinue reading “Border Counties 1-Day Event, Sunday 21 July”

Badminton 2012 with Killybegs Travel

No, there are no racquets required. All you need is an addiction to equestrian events and a life-long ambition to see Badminton Horse Trials in the flesh instead of on telly. And a bit of cash, needless to say… In her civilian role, Mona Vial of Tirconaill Riding Club is the proprietor of Killybegs TravelContinue reading “Badminton 2012 with Killybegs Travel”

Gaeltachts enjoy Annaharvey experience

Six Donegal Gaeltacht riders made the journey to Tullamore for the AIRC National Horse Trial Championships this past weekend. Luckily the weather was a bit better in the Midlands than in Donegal and the event went ahead, unhindered by the elements. Read how they all got on on the Donegal Gaeltacht website. Well done everybody. You canContinue reading “Gaeltachts enjoy Annaharvey experience”

Speaking of Lenamore…

While all of us were enjoying the challenges of the cross country course at Lenamore, the establishment’s most famous graduate was covering himself in glory once again when finishing 4th at Burghley. Read the full report on the Horse Sport Ireland website. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lenamore (the horse’s) background, you’ll enjoy theContinue reading “Speaking of Lenamore…”

Looking forward to Tattersalls International Horse Trials

The forthcoming international horse trials at Tattersalls were in the limelight on Monday when the event was officially launched (isn’t it amazing how our events thrive without being “launched”?). This really is a top class competition and remember that Orla has a contact who she hopes will take interested members on a course walk ofContinue reading “Looking forward to Tattersalls International Horse Trials”

No joy for Donegal at National ODE; British success for AIRC show jumpers

Provisional results from the National ODE at Annaharvey yesterday have been posted. Neither of our Gaeltacht neighbours finished among the ribbons but hopefully it was a worthwhile expedition nonetheless. A full report will appear on the AIRC website in due corse. AIRC National One-Day Event 2010 | Provisional Results On Saturday, Greenhills Riding Club, representingContinue reading “No joy for Donegal at National ODE; British success for AIRC show jumpers”

Entries open for Mosstown ODE at Corbeagh House, Longford

Mosstown Riding Club have just published full details of their 1-day event on Sunday 1 August at Corbeagh House, Longford. You may enter either directly or through the club. If entering through the club, have your cheque/cash with Libby by Friday 23 July at latest. Closing date for direct entries is Tuesday 27 July. LongfordContinue reading “Entries open for Mosstown ODE at Corbeagh House, Longford”