Another good Autumn League show as the points table starts to simmer

Sunday’s second leg of the Northwest Autumn League ran smoothly and successfully under the stewardship of Tirconaill Riding Club. Unfortunately the hosts didn’t have a winner on the day but Charlie, Mona and Cyndi all managed to find the time to ride and each one of them placed in their class. Victories on the dayContinue reading “Another good Autumn League show as the points table starts to simmer”

Tickets for dinner dance go on sale this Sunday

Our collaboration with our neighbouring Donegal clubs has brought us many enjoyable moments in the past. On Saturday 24 November we’re all set to get together socially, leaving the horses at home as we head for the Silver Tassie and a night of good eating and dancing. Tickets for the Donegal Riding Clubs Dinner DanceContinue reading “Tickets for dinner dance go on sale this Sunday”

Updated league points table

There will inevitably be a few tweaks and corrections to the points table this first week as Ruth adapts to the finer details of her unenviable task. She has now published an updated points table which includes the Welcome Stakes and indicates the participation points that were awarded to riders who rode exclusively HC onContinue reading “Updated league points table”

Impressive turn-out at first leg of Autumn League

Rain, rain and more rain fell from the skies over Templemore on Sunday yet trailer after trailer after lorry pulled into the puddled car park to discharge a plentiful cargo of riders and horses for the first leg of our new Autumn League. There’s no question that all riding clubs are finding it increasingly difficultContinue reading “Impressive turn-out at first leg of Autumn League”

Schedule for North West Autumn Mini-League

It’s here! Just when you were all starting to panic and wonder whether this long-awaited league was really going to materialise… The league will run along identical lines to the Spring NWL with opportunities for competition and training suitable for every level of rider. In one notable development, if you plan to ride more thanContinue reading “Schedule for North West Autumn Mini-League”

Mini-league meeting, Ramelton, Tuesday

Next Sunday, 28 October, our new Autumn Mini-League gets under way at Templemore. Our club is responsible for running this first leg of the 3-part league and our small working group (Paddy, Francis, Damien, Orla, Cormac and Libby) will do the organisation behind the scenes. If you’d like to participate at this level, feel freeContinue reading “Mini-league meeting, Ramelton, Tuesday”

Donegal Clubs meeting makes progress on all fronts

Tuesday evening’s meeting of the three Donegal clubs was a productive and pleasant affair. Plans are now firmly in place for the 3-leg Autumn Mini-League which will run in the same format as the North West League, albeit with double points for the final. That should spice things up somewhat and we’ll use the autumnContinue reading “Donegal Clubs meeting makes progress on all fronts”

Gradual build-up to autumn mini-league begins this week

With under six weeks to the beginning of our new Autumn Mini-League, it’s time to work on both organisation and equitation to ensure that the event is a success. Tuesday evening sees another meeting of the Donegal Division, the collaboration between the three Donegal AIRC clubs. Several of our club members have committed themselves toContinue reading “Gradual build-up to autumn mini-league begins this week”

Plenty to look forward to as clubs collaborate further

Tuesday evening’s assembly of members from the three Donegal clubs was a constructive and forward-looking event which proved that the appetite is there to run more collaborative events during the year. Building on the success and popularity of our North West League, the plan is to run a mini-league in the same format during theContinue reading “Plenty to look forward to as clubs collaborate further”