Plenty to look forward to as clubs collaborate further

Tuesday evening’s assembly of members from the three Donegal clubs was a constructive and forward-looking event which proved that the appetite is there to run more collaborative events during the year.

Building on the success and popularity of our North West League, the plan is to run a mini-league in the same format during the autumn. The league will have three legs and each club will take overall responsibility for on-the-ground operations at one show. The venue will be Templemore, subject to availability of suitable dates.

This three-show mini-league (which eliminates the need for our annual Autumn Show) will be followed by a one day show featuring the North West Team Show Jumping Cup, our Aga Khan style inter-club challenge. There’ll be some amendments to the rules on team composition this year which will see the inclusion of a non-jumping team member. The precise details of the non-jumping riders’ challenge is yet to be decided but could be anything from an obstacle course to an egg-and-spoon race!

The culmination of all these competition days will be a dinner dance and awards evening to be held somewhere in the Letterkenny area in late November. It should prove a great pre-Christmas social highlight for all our club members and our many friends and supporters from other corners of the equestrian world.

More details as they come on line.