Another good Autumn League show as the points table starts to simmer

Sunday’s second leg of the Northwest Autumn League ran smoothly and successfully under the stewardship of Tirconaill Riding Club. Unfortunately the hosts didn’t have a winner on the day but Charlie, Mona and Cyndi all managed to find the time to ride and each one of them placed in their class.

Victories on the day were spilt half-and-half between Letterkenny and Donegal Gaeltacht. The Gaeltacht’s Tommy McGinley won the Advanced Primary competition while his daughter Carla followed suit when the poles were raised 10cm to Intermediate level.

Hazel and Damien chalked up 7 points a-piece for the Letterkenny account with excellent wins in the Primary and Advanced Intermediate classes.

It’s all to play for next Sunday with double points for the final classes of the league. Donegal Gaeltacht will be running the day and a large turn-out of competitors and supporters is expected.

Many thanks to all the Tirconaills for doing such a great job at Show 2.

Results | NW Autumn League Show 2
Points | NW Autumn League Show 2