Knowledge banking

Every now and then as we flitter away hours of our lives surfing the net and getting lured down endless rabbit warrens of links and clicks, we come across a site that was actually worth finding. The one below falls into that category. It explains dressage and flatwork movements in simple, lay-mans language, includes bothContinue reading “Knowledge banking”

Feeding the soul

In general the two months from mid-November to mid-January are pretty much a write-off. Short days, foul weather and an ever increasing quantity of muck and gutter combine to make most of us wonder if knitting, or perhaps stamp collecting, might not have been a wiser choice of hobby. Horses are furry, ticking time-bombs thatContinue reading “Feeding the soul”

League final and annual awards to finish out the year

The final of the NWRC autumn showjumping league is taking place this coming Sunday in the stunning surrounds of Necarne castle. In addition to league final classes there is also a selection of stand-alone dressage classes, including a young horse/green horse intro class, as well as the presentation of club of the year, show jumpingContinue reading “League final and annual awards to finish out the year”

Big changes proposed

A number of new proposals are under consideration following a comprehensive grading review process which began a number of years ago. Whilst the current grading system ensures that members are not asked, in competition, to do anything which is above or below their level of expertise, it can be a bit restrictive. The new gradingContinue reading “Big changes proposed”