Club members out and about

With no NWRC league to attend this weekend our members chose different paths to entertain themselves. Francis and Rachel met up with local guide Raymond Orr to explore the backwoods behind Glenalla estate. Kerrie’s mare had pulled a shoe overnight, unfortunately leaving her without a mount for the trip. A dry but blustery Saturday had given way to much calmer weather on Sunday, meaning that the water fell from the sky vertically rather than horizontally, which is always a bonus when riding. A pot of hot soup, thick agricultural sandwiches and some home-baked brownies awaited the returning riders in Ray and were much appreciated. Hopefully the weather will be more clement for the next outing.

Darcey and Merlin’s ears pricked on their homeward journey

Suzanne hitched up and headed for the RDA Causeway Coast Arena in Coleraine to get some dressage experience under the girth. With the goal of acheiving Personal Bests in the Eventing Ireland sphere this season Suzanne wisely started to concentrate on the toughest element of the sport, receiving weekly coaching from Mary Finneran and spending most lunch breaks rushing home to get essential schooling into the brave Jimmy before returning to the grindstone for the afternoon. As we didn’t get to see the whole dressage test we can only judge the halt…definitely a 9 marker (because as Jacqui McPherson once said ‘there’s always an other point to aim for!’

Suzanne’s smile speaks volumes
‘Halt and immobility’. Tick.

Next Sunday, the 20th of February, brings the second leg of the spring league. Being held once again at Deanes Farm, this leg is being run by the Tirconaill riding club and will start to make the leader board interesting as riders accumulate valuable points towards the final. Entries are open online via