Autumn league ready to roll

It has been so long since the North West Riding Clubs has been able to run a league that it would probably be no harm to remind you all of just what good value this league is. For just E15.00 you can enjoy multiple training rounds at your chosen heights as well as entering your competitive graded class. The opportunity to pop your horse around the course at a lower height is a huge advantage for most riders, especially those of us who only get out jumping very intermittently and tend to be somewhat rusty. Your placing in your grade class will earn you points on the league leader board, hopefully leaving you in the running for some fantastic prizes at the final in mid-November.

The real value of the league though is the chance to jump multiple training rounds at any height up to, and including, the height at which you are currently graded. For those who have a novice horse to produce, or who might recently have acquired a new mount with which they wish to build up a partnership at a gentle pace, the opportunity to pop around a course at a low height is invaluable. Whilst it is always possible to hire an arena and school a horse privately this can equate to quite a different experience to being at a public outing where spectators, loud-speakers and the coming and going of other horses all adds to the education. Our riding club league shows offer members a chance to dip their toe (or hoof) in the showjumping arena without any of the cut-throat competitiveness of affiliated shows.

If you want to enter a horse in training rounds only, as opposed to jumping it in the actual league, you can put in a HC entry at just E5. So come on out to Lenamore Stables on Sunday 10th and blow away those cobwebs with some good clean fun in the sun (hopefully). Entries are online via the North West Riding Clubs itsplainsailing page. Find it at the following link.