All roads lead to Mullingar for Amelia

Inishowen’s show at Lenamore on the 25th of July was one of the best supported events in the region for a long time, with dressage running from 10 in the morning till well after 6pm. As the dressage was a qualifier for the national championships the results were very eagerly awaited and the hosts had the unenviable task of tracking numerous team entries as well as the individuals. The results were as follows


1st Clodagh Brady – Kildare Hailey’s Comet, Stracomer

2nd Teri Hall – Redhot – Pepper, Stracomer

3rd Grace Rodgers – Kildrum Boy, Inishowen

4th Joanne McCartney – Zaitsev, Inishowen

5th Caroline Harrie – Carnaff G Holly, Stracomer

6th Hannah McNelis – Jessie D, Inishowen


1st Alex Coyle – Lily Rowan, Stracomer

2nd Clodagh Brady – Kildare Hailey’s Comet, Stracomer

3rd Teri Hall – Redhot – Pepper, Stracomer

4th Joanne McCartney – Zaitsev, Inishowen

5th Hannah McNelis – Jessie D, Inishowen

6th Ciara Boyle Ballylennon Duke, Donegal Gaeltacht.

Advance Primary

1st Claire Kirkwood – Actinium Lily,  Inishowen

2nd Therese Anderson – Its Zoro, Benbulben

3rd Sinead Gibson – Shannahjmore Ring Master, Donegal Gaeltacht

4th Victoria Hopkins – Moonlight Shade, Stracomer

5 Sinead Gibson – Well Dun Welby, Donegal Gaeltach

6th Tina Reaney – Magil, Donegal Gaeltacht


1st Amelia McFarland – Ruby of Inishfree, Letterkenny

2nd Megan Coxford – Carrickview Undercover, Inishowen

3rd Lauren McLaughlin – Actinium Lily, Inishowen

4th Leah Farrell – General Amiro, Benbuben

5th Lynne Thompson – Blackstown Master Class, Inishowen;

6th Lauren McLaughlin – Cullion Midnight Blue, Inishowen

Advance Intermediate

1st Rachel Carton – Aughavannon Merlin,  Letterkenny

2nd Jodie Carr – Tullibards Smiling Lady,  Ard Lu

3rd Tara Fergus Sheridan – Tirconaill River Rose, Stracomer

4th John McDaid – Corskeagh Express, Donegal Gaeltacht

5th Andrea Gallagher – Annie’s Lad, Tir Conaill

Dressage Teams

1st Inishowen – Lauren McLaughlin (Actinium Lily), Lynne Thompson (Blackstown Master Class), Dawn McAllister (Farrah)

2nd Stracomer – Tara Fergus Sheridan (Tirconaill River Rose), Jodie Fergus (Carrickfact Rocco), Victoria Hopkins (Moonlight Shadow)

3rd Letterkenny – Amelia McFarland (Ruby of Inishfree), Rachel Carton (Aughavannon Merlin), Vera Keatings (Madges Land Jen)

4th Donegal Gaeltacht – Ciara Boyle (Ballylennon Duke), Tina Reaney (Magil), Sinead Gibson (Shannaghmore Ring Master), Michael McHugh (Simply Mitch)

5th Stracomer – Eva McGlone (Haslemere Rose), Coleen Granaghan (Super Nova), Alex Coyle (Lily Rowan), Teri Hall (Redhot Pepper)

6th Stracomer – Kelly Fergus (Art Monarch), Samantha O’Sullivan (Redpark Clover), Beverley Ann Slack (Rainbow Dancer), Victoria Hopkins (Bo Peat)

Team scores are calculated by adding together the scores achieved by the individual team members and the winning Inishowen team had an excellent score of 215 points. Stracomer narrowly pipped the Letterkenny team for second place, scoring 207.9pts while our team finished with a final score of 207.7pts. It’s safe to say you cant get much closer than that at a national qualifier. With so many teams entered for the qualifier there was an increased chance of securing a place at the nationals, and the Donegal Gaeltacht team also won a golden ticket to Mullingar.

As so often happens at our amateur level in the sport the trip to the championships was not realistically on the cards for a lot of competitors and Amelia will be the only Letterkenny athlete to take on the best of the rest in Sunday’s competition. We wish her the very best of luck. Fly the flag high Amelia.