Hope springs eternal

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said “severe” lock-down restrictions will remain in place for at least another nine weeks – until the end of April. Now this does not necessarily mean Level 5, but the problem is that we don’t know what exactly it does mean. An educated guess is that the best we can hope for is the permission to travel within our own county, which would be an absolute blessing at the moment….there are SOOOOO many wonderful places to explore in Donegal that most of us would settle for that at the moment. What could be better than sticking a jam sangwidge in one pocket and a flask in the other and taking to the hills and beaches of our beautiful county?? And sure you never know who might be exploring the same hill or beach on the same day…. Safe to say that there wont be a big run on stabling at Flowerhill on the 10th April 2021. We did get a query this week “What’s happening about membership?” and the only reply we could honestly give is that membership is open and all we can do is hope that the rest of the country follows suit.

If you feel like joining the growing movement of online events then you might just be interested in the following:


We spend so much time as equestrians looking at our horses, and how they move etc, that sometimes we forget that the ridden horse is only half the picture…the mounted human is the other half of the same picture and both halves make the whole. Sometimes 1+1 does not equal 2! If you put a 70Kg rider on a 600Kg horse you do not necessarily get a combined weight of 670Kg. Some people ride heavy and some people ride light. Horse and rider biomechanics play a huge role in every horse and rider partnership. Learn more about this on the highly informative webinar being run by the north-eastern region.

Hang in there guys, we’ll come out the other end sometime (somewhere). In the mean-time watch this space and remember…you could be stuck in Kildare, or Meath, and not have access to God’s own country.