A quiet time ahead

Our regional zoom meeting was a quick affair and very well attended, with some new faces on the screen too. Obviously the lock-down measures are hitting events hard and the difficult decision was made to shelve the 2021 Spring League due to the unpredictability of the coming weeks and months. As soon as restrictions permit it the region will hold a training show to allow us all a low-key reintroduction to the arena. No doubt a number of horses (and their riders) are far from fit at the moment and it was felt that a training show would be more welcome than a competition.

A lot of talk about horses and road safety is occurring at various levels at the moment. Lawrence Smyth is pursuing the issue with a contact he has at the RSA, and the general feeling is that a major nationwide awareness campaign needs to be put in motion. Some of you may have seen the questionnaire that was on the AIRC website before Christmas and hopefully may have taken the time to fill it out and provide the riders-eye-view of the situation on the roads around us. Making the equine-community heard at government level is the only way that changes will be made in our favour and Lawrence has undertaken to pursue the issue as far as he can.

As some of you are aware Erica has been snowed under for the past few weeks with family life, and a bereavement to boot. She’s back in harness now and will be working on our club affiliation, and ironing out some glitches on the itsplainsailing website, over the next few days. Our own club meeting has been pushed back to February 5th to allow for any government announcements to be made at the end of January. Needless to say itwill be a zoom meeting and the link will be sent out closer to the time.