Deja Vu

It really is rather soul destroying to once again have to deal with cancelling or postponing events and limiting travel to necessity. With excellent entries from our neighboring clubs, fantastic prizes piled in Suzanne’s car and the weather Gods on our side, the whole day was promising to be a truly wonderful tribute to two ladies who’d both have been at the head of the posse when it came to getting stuck in to the fun of the event. But needs must when the devil drives so our hope is to run the show on November 29th instead. The autumn league will be over (always assuming it gets going in the first place) and as our annual dinner dance will be a non-event this year by the looks of things, it will be a great finale to November to look forward to. At any rate that’s the plan!!

Most importantly do please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe in these difficult times. We need you back in the saddle and back in the ring as soon as they open. I bet these two would have been the first two back at a club outing.