Get In!! Lots of opportunities to get out and about.

The very best of luck to our members taking part in the Gordon’s Bay Equestrian cross-jump this Sunday. May the sun be with you.

Anyone thinking of entering the next 2-phase at Cloncaw Equestrian, Glaslough, will be glad to hear entries are now open. Check out their Plainsailing entries page at the following link.

If you don’t feel like travelling quite so far afield there is our own regional training day coming up on August 9th at Gordon’s Bay Equestrian. Following the usual format which allows you to enjoy two lessons if you wish, this day is exceptionally good value. Find all the details on the flyer and remember there’s nothing to stop you having two lessons in one discipline if you don’t feel like mixing things up on the day. One lesson €20, two lessons €30.


Also on the 9th of August, making for a most unfortunate clash, is the Border Counties one day event at Cloncaw Equestrian. Find details on the attached flyer, and remember events are booking out quickly this year so don’t hang about.