The ball is rolling

Hooray and yipee. Our first post-covid-lockdown gathering is planned! With Erica and Francis booked onto a covid-compliance-officer course, and Marina having recently taken the course under her pony club banner, we are well on the way to full steam ahead. As you all know we are limited to instructor led activities at the moment so a rideout and barbeque will have to wait a little while.

As a gentle reintroduction to club life we’ve opted to go with a drill-riding session (like a musical ride) under the watchful eye and guiding voice of Trish Warren. Anyone who remembers the drill-riding sessions we did under Valerie Craig’s tutelage will vouch for how much fun this can be. Not only is it fun it also encourages rhythm and accuracy in flatwork, gets riders looking up and around them, introduces horses to working in close proximity to other horses, involves lots of turns and transitions and lends itself perfectly to a group of riders of mixed ability and confidence. You’ll be so busy concentrating on not letting down your side of the formation that you’ll be riding from leg to hand, and keeping your horse between the aids, without even realising! It’s safe to say a cup of tea will be needed by the time you’re done.

As always it will be impossible to suit everyone with regard to date and time but hopefully we’ll get a reasonable sprinkling. The venue is Harley’s arena in Rathdonnell, the date is Saturday 27th June and the time is 11am. Details regarding booking in, directions and covid-compliance will be circulated to everyone a little closer to the time.